Global Logistics Manager Resume Sample

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Assign it and it will be achieved! History of high-profile endeavor in complex, challenging environments. Possesses extraordinary ability to coordinate and motivate human and physical resources to achieve exceptional outcomes. Tenacious, practical traits combine with a depth of personal charm and love of life resulting in a dynamic, inspiring self-starter.

~Advanced Leadership & Management Expertise 

~Rapid Problem Solving & Decision Making

~Negotiation, Influencing & Consultation

~Aggressive Project Timelines

~Multilingual in French & English

~Broad Cultural Sensitivity


Location: Barus, Indonesia
Event: Tsunami disaster rapid response

Called upon to drive chaotic temporary Embassy offices - trying to function without Internet connection, mobile phones or transportation - to function as highly organised, effective support system. In addition accepted accountability for full logistical coordination of official visit by Foreign Secretary.


Within 4 days identified and converted restaurant to fully operational and secure Embassy with full classified IT capabilities, accommodating 50 emergency staff. Took on role of Site Officer for body identification and collection, coordinating staff, volunteers and family members. Worked with and cared for grieving relatives and overstressed FCO volunteers. Rose to the occasion in all endeavours. Efforts commended by Prime Minister.

Location: Canberra, ACT

Relocation of 6 story (400 offices / 2,000 personnel) Commonwealth Office and IT upgrade and conversion.


To coordinate, develop and install 2 computer networks throughout, merging old UNIX system into Microsoft network while creating secure environment for all classified Top Secret documentation for all 2,000 personnel. Unexpected, additional challenge delivered when told with 1 days notice that new premises would not be ready for 3 months and that existing premises must be vacated on time or Government would face $2 million fine. Delegated sole accountability to resolve issues.


Created and headed Government and private sector specialist professional team - personally available 24/7. Single-handedly formulated strategies and estimated budgets, formally passed by Government, outlining schedule of 24 hour shifts over 11 week period. Project came in exactly on time, meeting all objectives and achieving 7% under budget. “Can do” attitude applauded by Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and private companies involved.

– Canberra, ACT
6/1992 to Present
Diplomatic Officer
Report to: Ambassador / Consul General
Direct Reports: Up to 100
FCO Annual Reports Statistics


Vice Consul – Australian Consulate General – Myanmar
Areas of Accountability:                Head of Immigration Services

Managed all aspects Visa Section and Staff Development for up to 15 personnel. Designed, developed and implemented Permanent Representative Section and developed policy on Residence Permit Scheme. Liaison Officer for Diplomatic Community.


      •        Single-handedly turned around inefficient Visa department, rife with bullying and discontent and consistently failing internal and external checks into one of the top performing sections in the world.
      •        Overcame potentially damaging new government Visa legislation by drafting counter regulations, designing, equipping, staffing and training new operational unit and presenting to corporations, universities and others to outstanding feedback. Commended by Prime Minister.

Rapid Deployment Officer - Tsunami Emergency – Barus, Indonesia

Areas of Accountability:                Emergency Logistics Officer / Consular Officer

Placed laptop Internet, mobile phone and transport capacity for all officers and organised police clearance into dead zones within 24 hours. Coordinated all logistics for Foreign Secretary visit. Undertook search and identification. Liaised with and cared for bereaving family members.


      •        Armed with no more than a mobile phone, scooter and sheer determination, turned restaurant into fully functional, security classified, IT enabled, Embassy accommodating 50 personnel within 4 days. Received Commendation from Prime Minister.

Attaché – Australian Embassy – Nairobi, Kenya

Areas of Accountability:                Communications Officer / Post Accountant

Logistical coordination of trade events for Inward Trade Missions. Synchronized Australian Nationals evacuations from internal African trouble spots. Identified critical aid projects. Undertook political reporting on regional events and liaised with International Press Corp. Managed classified archives and Posts IT System. Developed Posts Managements Systems software.


      •        Instituted successful evacuation procedures for distressed Australian Nationals during time of severe conflict.

On-Site Technology Support Manager – Canberra, ACT

Areas of Accountability:                Policy Development / Private Industry Liaison  

Joint Financial Controller working within $15 million IT budget. Senior Project Manager directing relocation of 2,000 personnel. Trained to Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Level.


      •        Diverted $2 million fine, saved Government discomfort and ensured all staff up and running – under budget – through finely detailed formulation of relocation strategies.
      •        Designed and installed FCO Emergency Unit and Crisis Centre and IT Network.


Management & Administration

Management Techniques

Staff Appraisal & Development

Financial Management / Accounts

Interview Techniques


Effective Speaking & Networking

Media Presentation

Diplomatic Induction

Political Reporting

Sydney International Yacht Squadron
(Holder: International Yachting Federation Coastal Waters Certification)
Royal Malaysian Yacht Club

International Yacht Racing: working in a team environment at the highest level
Rugby: teamwork, responsiveness, fair play
Skeet Shooting: focused, calm under pressure

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