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Integrity, persistence, and a competitive spirit have underscored employment and academic successes where meeting deadlines, achieving goals, and using measured judgment have been crucial to delivering results. A commitment to learning, a willingness to seek information, and independent work habits have served to produce well-defined research, create superior reports, and hone communications to a high professional level. Reputation as a “quiet achiever” reflects capacity to pursue business objectives, maintain focus, and partner with others to meet a common goal. Possess spirited optimism, self-discipline, and a work ethic that transcends the nine-to-five boundaries.


Marketing: Key contributor to team of five researching the local café market and assessing how major players dominate with products, services, and brand names. Project explored the challenges new entrants to the market faced when pitted against these market “goliaths” including Starbucks. Competing time demands on team members prompted a resolution to produce each individual component two weeks prior to deadline allowing time to fine tune the presentation prior to tutor’s review. Personally developed SWOT analysis on four major cafés in Australia. Result: 87% one of the highest across the entire marketing level.
Economics—Markets:  Produced report exploring the issues surrounding Europe’s anti-trust case against Microsoft USA, and drew connections with the impact of monopoly power on the markets and consumers. Sourcing unbiased information proved a challenge and disseminating complex information into graphs necessitated meticulous planning. Praised for report’s easy-to-understand format that balanced the economic aspects of a monopoly with the anti-trust case. Score: 95%.
Information Systems: Challenged to conceive a music start-up company, establish a website, produce an complementary PowerPoint presentation, and devise a report outlining the strategy behind the integrated solution that could be assessed online by the lecturer. Despite no previous experience in website development and tested by an extremely tight deadline, mastered the basics and devoted 24-hours consecutively to delivering a good result. Fulfilled all project requirements, and achieved a score of 97%.
Management:  Composed 3000-word report on the key components of being an effective manager. Scanned volumes of information to mine appropriate data, while simultaneously juggling a demanding schedule of competing project deadlines. Scoured internet resources and traveled to several libraries statewide to secure up-to-date reference material. Defined the functions and attributes of a manager, and explored the challenges faced. The project received a score of 93%—a significant success in light of the lecturer’s high-expectations and stringent scoring methods.


Bachelor of Commerce
University of California (anticipated end 2006)
Diploma of Banking and Finance
Rocklin Community College (2003)


Delivery Driver/Customer Service Juggle the demands of 150 orders on peak nights generating up to $6500 daily for this popular pizza takeaway and restaurant. Acknowledged as a top-performing driver, consistently surpass peer efforts by strategizing best routes for quicker return—with more deliveries yielding greater bonus commissions.

  • Customer Service: Diffuse irate customers dissatisfied with later-than-expected deliveries by assuming an understanding, empathetic stance, and attempting to explain unanticipated orders prompting delays.
  • Accuracy: Consistently cited for 100% accuracy rate in reconciling daily delivery receipts.
  • Leadership and Security: Entrusted to transport up to $900 per shift.
  • Initiative: Implemented measures to ensure customers receive superior service. Step forward to service customers when team members are engaged elsewhere, ensure correct recording of customers’ names to prevent order errors, and double-check change accuracy.
  • Quick Thinking: Won praise for quick thinking when a customer experienced severe medical emergency in-store. Contacted paramedics and reassured customer while medical assistance arrived.
  • Tactical problem solving: Resolved logistical problems such as incorrect address recording. Mindful of other orders, made quick decisions to call customers, source maps, and initiate store contact.
  • Revenue Growth: Successfully marketed products through up-selling and offering value-added products that increased the bottom line.
  • Training: Oriented six staff that progressed to become solid performers with a strong customer service ethic. Provided initial training to new recruits in policy, telephone answering, and shift reconciliations.

Delivery Driver
Met tight schedules for customer deliveries, allocating the most rapid routes for a coordinated on-time delivery. Observed customer service guidelines for problem solving when issues occurred, and accurately produced change.

Work Experience Student
Observed two computer technicians and provided assistance with basic installation of printers, memory chip installations, and documentation.

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