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International human resources manager with more than 7 years of multifaceted experience, including 4+ years on the corporate level within the global arena. Human resources management expertise includes developing international human resources departments from ground zero; rebuilding infrastructure after mergers, downsizing, and turnarounds; managing all human resource activities to open businesses on a global basis; creating and implementing programs to improve operations; performing organizational diagnostics; executing executive-level training programs; and administering all human resource functions to support operations with up to 3000 employees. Earned an MBA. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook).
Energex, Houston, TX
1999 - Present
Senior Director, International Human Resources and Administration
Direct the Dentro business unit, a separate and highly diversified company under the Energex umbrella, and provide human resources support for 3000 employees throughout four regions globally (Central America, northern South America, Caribbean, and the Middle East). Supervise one director, four managers, two coordinators, and two administration assistants. Report to the chief executive officer and interact with corporate executives.
• Recruited to direct this business unit after a major reorganization.
• Solidified the team and redefined process of rebuilding infrastructure.
• Implemented a 360° performance review system that significantly improved morale, identified employee strengths and weaknesses, and assisted with succession planning.
• Currently re-evaluating compensation structure for the sales and marketing program at a company in Puerto Rico.
• Opened office in Dubai, United Emirates and performed due diligence for a plant in the Gaza Strip.
Energex, Houston, TX
1997 - 1999
Director of Human Resources
Managed all human resource activities to support 700 employees in one business unit. Maintained additional responsibility for managing the executive development program in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
• Initiated, developed, and implemented a highly successful executive assessment program.
• Established all human resources functions at a power plant in Poland with 40 employees.
• Participated on a two-member team in England that evaluated impact of a merger on human resource activities, facilitated information to 110 employees at four sites, and determined related problems that could impact purchase.
• Organized and conducted a two-day, offsite conference that provided 110 corporate executives with leadership development and goal definition training.
United Airlines, Houston, TX
1992 - 1997
Senior Manager
Recruited to spearhead and manage all human resource functions of a new international operation and supported 1200 employees in 26 countries. Hired and trained all employees to open a number of airports across Europe and Latin America. Assigned as Manager of Corporate Human Resources (May 1995 to June 1997), supporting 300 employees in Houston (implemented an MBA recruitment program, and managed a corporate downsizing and turnaround). Held positions as Senior Corporate Compensation Analyst / Compensation Analyst (November 1992 to December 1994), and Advisor - Compensation Programs (December 1994 to May 1995).
M.S., Management
GPA: 5.3, Major GPA: 6.0 Concentration in Human Resources
INDIANA UNIVERSITY, Bloomington, Indiana
Bachelor of Arts, sic Studies
GPA: 3.8, Major GPA: 4.0 Phi Beta Kappa

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