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Microsoft Specific Networking · IP Networking · Cisco Router Configuration · Routing Protocols

Global Networking & Security Infrastructure Specialist

Results-oriented, quality-driven, business-savvy professional with broad IT exposure and multi-faceted expertise in identifying, developing and executing cost-effective, technologically-advanced IT/networking solutions to meet challenging multinational business demands. Shrewd communicator and negotiator, with proven ability to gain cooperation and build consensus among diverse groups with conflicting business objectives to successfully achieve win/win outcomes. Participative leadership and management style, encouraging collaboration toward the common goal. Expertise in:

  • Cost Forecasting & Expenditure Control
  • Product Requirement Analysis & Procurement
  • Vendor Relations & Competitive Negotiations
  • Project Planning, Management & Fulfilment
  • Procedure Development & Execution
  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Team Building & Performance Growth
  • Help Desk Support & Leadership
  • Performance & Productivity Improvement
  • Process Redesign, Turnaround & Optimization


Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (All versions including 2003 server) · VMS · UNIX · Cisco IOS (routers)
Programming: Shell Scripting for MS Windows as mentioned above · KSH/CSH on UNIX · DCL on VMS · WSH on Windows
Applications: Microsoft Office Applications · MS FrontPage · Photoshop
Other: Internet LAN routing/switching VLANS · Firewalls (several obscure versions plus Checkpoint Firewall-1/VPN-1NG).


Advanced Checkpoint Firewall-1NG Management Introduction & Advanced Cisco Routing Team Leadership OSF/1 System Manager VMS System Manager UNIX System Manager UNIX Internals & Tuning Introduction to Project Management (MS Project)


ARLIC media 1995 to Present

Leading supplier of editorial, advertising and CRM publishing software servicing prestigious newspapers, magazines and online publishers on an International scale.

Network Technical Lead
Multi-faceted role challenged to overhaul, revolutionize and maintain a secure global network to facilitate enhanced communication between nationally- and internationally-based staff and clientele.

  • Revitalized entire WAN/LAN infrastructure with optimal security on an international level, using advanced technologies to drive aggressive transformation of previously inept system. Decreased turnaround on security related issues from days to hours/minutes; improved Internet connection logging/monitoring; and decreased resources access time from days to instantaneous.
  • Sourced, assessed and forged key alliances with ISPs/other telecommunication vendors continually negotiating competitive deals that secured average cost reductions of $40K/year. Slashed an outstanding $80K in costs for one year following a change in vendor.
  • Architected internal website to document VPN connectivity for high-profile clients with contracts totalling $10.5M in revenue including Hong Kong Imail, Gulf News, News Ltd, New Zealand Herald, Wilson and Horton, Shepparton News, New Straits Times, South West Printing & Publishing.
  • Spearheaded recent negotiations with ISP capturing unlimited connection vs. $/MByte, set to underpin corporate culture change and revitalize the nature of business operations to a quality rather than a quantity gain, with internet now an exploitable resource rather than a cost.
  • Headed remote integration of new offices in Singapore/Bedford with minimal downtime after merger, despite challenges involving complex routing procedures, unreasonable requests of local management, and having to gain the trust and enthusiasm of existing technical staff.
  • Influenced, overcame challenges, and secured client buy-in to establish an extensive VPN based Extranet that harnessed several technologies. Accelerated Internet connection and immediate response/problem resolution by client support teams; minimized total of varying technologies; enhanced security/client satisfaction.
  • Circumvented loss of public IP address space during hostile divestiture by devising legally sound initiatives and negotiations. Attained flexibility in changing ISPs; eased extranet connection with clients/partners; enhanced issue logging; and made staff more accountable for their actions through ease of tracking.
  • Managed complex business re-location project from concept to fruition overcoming many issues requiring in-depth research, planning, and negotiation with contractors / management / previous tenant to drive successful move of 150 staff within only two days.
  • Sent to Nottingham UK office and managed seamless transition from GEAC NT based domain to Windows 2000 environment of approximately 75 PCs within a 24-hour shift including email and servers and establishing standard security infrastructure.
  • Attended Boston office and launched strategic turnaround solutions to boost stagnated office relocation project. Overcame hostile environment, installed updated firewall, fixed security holes, devised operational standards, and trained local staff in procedures/basic router configuration.
  • Installed AMC’s system at Bangkok Post transforming organization into technically sophisticated operation despite communication barriers with local technical staff.
  • Revitalized and optimized performance and productivity of entire Internal Help Desk/IT during two-year assignment as Team Leader.  Streamlined and established best-practice operations by devising procedures/standards for routine tasks and initiating projects within team.
  • Minimized outlay by integrating low-cost VOIP solution with Lucent PABX; enhanced security by using firewall logs/network monitoring to reverse-engineer security requirements. 

System Programmer
Maintained full system operability through performance tuning and support of VMS/UNIX infrastructure, pathworks implementation, and ongoing troubleshooting.

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