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Solutions oriented Payroll Specialist with notable success converting and maintaining complex payroll systems for a nationwide retailer.

  • Proven ability to maintain confidentiality of vital information.
  • Exceptional troubleshooting ability.



Target Stores Corp. 1998 to present
Payroll Administrator Greenville, OH
  • Oversee payroll administration, benefits and human resources updates for a nationwide company; continually seek to improve communication and quality. Write and control job language and programs. 
  • Complete daily wage verifications. Prepare credit/debit summaries and reconcile accounts. Weekly run labor reports and reprints of W2’s. 
  • Set up weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly calendars of when jobs are to run and what controls will be needed.
  • Stay current with taxes and tax reporting at the federal, state, and local levels. Program tax and program updates into computer system and test the changes. Also check on what affect a change in Payroll will have in Human Resources and Benefits.
  • Write new or change current reports and extracts to meet the need of the users. For example: I might list all salaried associates with current job title by location.

Key contributions:

  • During buy-out in 2004 & 2005 made critical changes in the sort and report keys. My program for organizing financial data was adopted by new company in order to document its own procedures. 
  • Converted payroll system from Cyborg to Windows NT. Set up control tables that controlled eligibility dates and parameters. 
  • Selected to train new staff members in data entry procedures, writing extracts or reports and running jobs. Serve as Mentor. 



2 years completed at Ohio College:  Springfield, OH
Completed courses in computer operation and programming


Platforms: UNIX, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, VMS
Tools: Cyborg, NCR Century
Software: MS Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint)

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