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Comprehensive project management experience in the design, coding, testing, implementation and support of application computer systems. Demonstrate successful track record for completing diverse range of projects for high profile Fortune 500 companies. Proficient in managing integration, upgrade, and consulting projects, directing multiple priorities and generating innovative strategies to meet and exceed corporate objectives. Experienced in close interactions with key management, internal customers/users, and multi-site locations of client companies. BA Degree. Areas of strength and skill sets include:

• Team Leadership • User Requirements Assessment • System Analysis
• Coding • Unit Testing • Integration Testing
• Regression Testing • User Documentation • System Enhancements

• Hardware: IBM 3090, IBM 308X, IBM PC and Compatibles

• Software: COBOL2, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, CICS Command Level, BMS, Intertest, Unitech ACR, CEDF, TSO/ISPF, OS/MVS JCL and Utilities, VSAM, IDCAMS

Lead Project Manager / Principal

[Specializes in customized legacy applications. Also provides counsel to other computer consulting firms]

Provide full range of consulting, programming, and systems analysis services for various client companies. Proactively develop business by preparing and presenting proposals, writing statements of work, and building client relationships. Representative projects have included:

A+ International, Inc. 2002 - Present
• Contracted to assist start-up computer consulting company in various business operations. Processed all government forms for incorporation and registration to the federal and state governments. Wrote articles of incorporation and filed with the Secretary of State office. Established all accounting and payroll procedures.
Consolidated Commerce Solutions (CCS)
2000 - 2002
• Centralized Credit Card Processing System for National Jewelry Stores: Hired by CCS (leading, diversified finance company) to code programs and JCL, to incorporate centralized system for all National Jewelry stores into production processing. The application reported statistics of credit card processing and loaded DB2 database tables through COBOL programs. Guided 6-member team through all aspects of coding, unit testing, integration testing of new programs (database loading; reporting) and system enhancements, utilizing COBOL2, DB2, and JCL. Developed all user documentation. Results: Deployment of application facilitated new revenue stream: credit card fees, generated as a percentage of high-ticket retail sales.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
2000 - 2000
• Production Jobs & Program Processes: Supervised staff of 2 programmers who coded programs and Unitech ACR software rules and items to balance output totals between production jobs and programs, for multiple business applications. Oversaw all aspects of coding, unit testing, and integration testing of new programs and enhancements. Prepared all user documentation. Technologies: COBOL2, JCL and Unitech ACR software. Results: This project culminated in successful confirmation of process accuracies.
Village of Elk Grove 1999 - 1999
• Y2K Remediation Project: Served as Lead Analyst, supervising team of 8 programmers, conducting regression and compliance testing of primary applications used for the City's daily business operations. Utilized COBOL2, DB2, Hyperstation, and JCL. Results: Enabled all systems to function properly upon changeover to the Year 2000.
Commonwealth Edison 1998 - 1999
• Customer Billing System: Developed new and enhanced existing programs in a system that monitored customers' electricity usage and compiled records for downstream production of customer bills. Technologies used: COBOL2, DB2 and JCL. Results: System currently produces bills for all ComEd customers.
Amoco Oil Company 1994 - 1998
• HR Applications: Supported CICS and batch production systems, for an hourly employee payroll system, a manpower scheduling system for refinery employees, and an absentee reporting system.
• Federally Mandated Reporting System: Developed EDI maps using IBM DataInterchange and front-end COBOL2 programs, for this federally mandated system that reported on gasoline properties produced by Amoco's refineries. Results: Developed and deployed technology, supporting system that was in compliance with federal requirements, which prevented significant financial penalties to Amoco.
Spiegel 1993 - 1994
• Check Approval System: Created a system to approve customer payments by check. Functions included data input via keyboard and scanner, transmission of data to check approval agency through telephone lines, receipt of approval/declination from the agency, and maintenance of data on DB2 tables. This system utilized COBOL2 CICS programs in an IBM MVS environment. Additional technology used in development included MICR check scanners, COMPSEE Wedge data interpreters, and Zebra printers. Analyzed, coded and tested programs, communicated with outside vendors to insure proper operation of the various products used, and supervised 2 consultants throughout all project phases. Results: Implementation of this program accelerated the check approval process and saved the company significant labor hour costs, because sales associates no longer needed to manually call in for authorizations.
Trans Union 1993 - 1993
• Government Consent Decree Compliance: Implemented enhancements to CICS and batch systems to comply with a government consent decree. Results: Deployment of these enhancements has successfully facilitated 100% accurate reporting of credit histories, because of embedded procedures that prevent legitimate credit history deletions from erroneously reappearing in credit files.
Amoco Oil Company 1987 - 1993
• Payroll System: Participated in development of payroll system, serving all U.S. refineries. Designed, coded, and tested COBOL2 programs that accessed and updated DB2 tables through cursor processing for employee information and payroll transactions. These programs interfaced directly with AION knowledge base modules. Testing included use of the "EXPLAIN" function to evaluate DB2 call efficiency. Guided development effort to automate the deduction of variable union dues from employees' checks. Coded and tested COBOL2 CICS transactions, accessing DB2 tables, for display and real time updates. The batch portion of system runs on an IBM 3090 under OS/MVS/XA. The CICS portion runs under CICS/XA. Maintained CICS system tables for development and QA regions, including installation of new products and update with new versions of previously installed software. Results: Completed project at 1/5 budgeted cost, saving the client $200,000 for union dues check deduction segment.
• Inventory Control and Purchasing System: Analyzed, coded and tested both enhancements and new development to an inventory control and purchasing system for 6 refineries. This project involved both COBOL CICS and batch programs, accessing VSAM data files. Included significant contact with user personnel to establish requirements and obtain approvals.
Wickes Furniture 1986 - 1987
• Payroll Program: Designed and coded commission subsystem to create payroll transactions for nationwide store sales associates. The subsystem accepts time-card data, transacts calculations based on sales dollars & employment factors and creates transactions for input to an M&D HR system. Communicated with payroll department personnel in several store locations to gather user requirements and learn internal accounting procedures. Results: This national system is currently being used to date, 2004.
Arizona Department of Insurance 1985 - 1986
• Coded and tested CICS Command Level transactions to accommodate entry of personal data for individuals applying for real estate licenses. Mainframe access was accomplished by remote dial-up on personal computers, and involved inquiry and update of VSAM datasets.
Chubb Institute of Technology 1985
Business Administration
Data Processing Instructor (problem analysis, program design, COBOL, and OS Job Control Language)
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois  
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology / Economics
Chubb Institute of Technology 1984
Certificate of Programming

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