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IT professional with a strong background in the administration and management of computer hardware and software analysis, and programming of network systems, combined with 12 years experience in the design and repair of electronic devices. Proven record developing solutions that improve efficiency of IT and business operations. Innovative and ready to provide leading-edge technological business solutions, utilizing strong research, problem solving and analytical skills to design and develop appropriate systems.

Fluent in Japanese and Chinese - both verbal and written.


TECHNICAL STRENGTHS: Ms OS ♦ Lotus Domino Administrator ♦ Windows 2000 Server & Windows 2003 Server Base Network ♦ AS/400 Base Network Design ♦ VPN Network Design ♦ Citrix System Deploy ♦ Data Base Planning ♦ LAN ♦ WAN ♦ Design (DB2) ♦ Thin Client Architecture ♦ Virus Prevention (Worms & Trojan Horse) ♦ Internet & Intranet Security ♦ Disaster Recovery

PERSONAL STRENGTHS: IT Support ♦ Systems Administration/Management ♦ Troubleshooting & Problem Solving ♦ Hardware & Software Programming.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: MS-DOS ♦ Windows NT/2000/95/98 ♦ Windows 95X ♦ Windows XP ♦ Windows 2003 Server AS/400 ♦ Linux


AS400 Administrator Control (IBM Certified)


YUGI MOTO AUSTRALIA – Sydney, NSW Apr 1998 to Present

Network Administrator/Senior IT System Coordinator

Valued team member reporting directly to the Managing Director of a Japanese based company. Scope of responsibilities include Network Administrator; analyzing, troubleshooting and programming computer applications and systems for users; application issues and server problems; evaluation of potential network enhancements; analysis of existing hardware and software; implementing firewall and anti virus systems (Netscreen, McAfee, Trendmicro, Etrust); migration and upgrade of AS400; total data base planning and design coordinating; and deploying IP phone system between branch offices.

Key Contributions:

  • Reduced communication costs by $54,000 annually by successfully upgrading the Frame Relay Network to an ADSL VPN network, centralizing all applications and reducing client problems.
  • Improved productivity through the deployment of an improved purchase management and sales management system, resulting in a more user-friendly system that became the benchmark for operational units in Australia, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Drove continuous process improvements within the company by successfully designing the Windows 2000 Base Network, Deploy Lotus Domino Server and Windows 2003 Base Network Deploy (including Active Directory).
  • Reduced IT management costs and increased company network security through the implementation of the Windows Terminal Server and Citrix System.
  • Extended target market for product offerings through the introduction of a web online stock enquiry menu, significantly reducing labour costs and extending product interest to international visitors.
  • Worked collaboratively with team members in developing and submitting an improved plan for the industrial work database (DB2 Database), significantly improving CRM.  Plan reduced productivity loss to such an extent that corporate headquarters in Japan made it the company benchmark for operational units both locally and overseas.
  • Enlisted as company specialist on database planning (DB2 Database) and design coordinating.  Saved the company over $50,000 annually through solutions that improved IT efficiency and business operations.
MERRICK CO. - Tokyo Feb 1995 to Mar 1998

Electronic Engineer

Reported directly to the Division Manager for engineering company developing and making small and medium LCD modules, while supervision a staff of 8. Scope of responsibilities included planning, design, and experimental production of standard and custom LCD modules driver circuit; preparation of manuals for mass production procedures; advice on mass production; internal technical trainer; and consulting on LCD products.

Key Contributions:

  • Twice selected as Company representative for technology guidance visits to China.
  • Trained internal technicians in the design, testing, evaluation, and troubleshooting of LCD Modules.
  • Appointed as project leader for experimental production, evaluation, and mass production preparation of Toshiba Corporation’s LCD module.
  • Selected to consult clients on designing interface circuits for LCD Modules due to outstanding communication, technical efficiency and problem-solving skills.  Clients included Sony, Toshiba, Canon, Korg, YOKOGAWA Electric Corp, Sanwa Denshi, Shinki Denki, Sokkia and Purdy Electronics.
  • Developed proposal for sharing custom-made mass production equipment and part structures in response to strong customer demand for cost reduction processes. Resulted is a high customer satisfaction rating and a significant reduction in production costs.
TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE CHINA – Urumqi, Xinjiang Aug 1985 to Mar 1992


Curriculum coordinator for Electronics & Electrical Science Department responsible for experiment guidance; editing and publishing of teaching materials; and electrical device repair

Key Contributions:

  • Presented lecture to students on “Diagnosing Complicated Electrical Circuits”. 

 Published articles in the Education Institute Natural Science magazine.  Topics included:

  • Basic Electronic Circuits, Jan 1992
  • TV & Video Repair, Aug 1991
  • Home Electronic Device & Repair, Feb 1990


EHIMEKEN UNIVERSITY – Ehimeken, Japan 1994

Master of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

XINJIANG UNIVERSITY – Urumqi Xinjiang 1983

Bachelor of Science (Physics)


SIP Base VoIP Technologies Seminar Nov 2003
NGN & VoIP Technology Workshop Jul 2003
AS/400 Administrator & Control Course Sept 2002
Compac IN& & SS7 Training Course Feb 2002
Intel Dialogic Voice Board Training Course Jun 2001
Microsoft COM & DCOM Usage Nov 2000


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