Operations Manager Child Care Resume Sample

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Children's Services Department, County of Branbill, Lairre, Ontario
1988 - Present
Representative for Child Care
• Review all compiled data to determine eligibility of applicants for child care service financial assistance.
• Inspect Day Care Centers requesting Purchase of Service Agreements. Institute supportive measures to ensure operations are in compliance with Day Nurseries Act Legislation.
• Orchestrate workshops, from conception to completion, for in-home providers.
• Clearly explain legislative and regulatory policies to clients and providers, ensuring complete comprehension of all aspects of the service.
• Selected as Training Committee Member for municipal employees for county-wide Social Services Department.
• Top recruiter for sourcing, monitoring and training family home child care providers throughout Branbill County.
• Supervise and train up to 25 family home child care providers.
• Uphold complete confidentiality with all client assessments, reports and written communication.
• Facilitate OSAP application procedures on behalf of young mothers and monitor school attendance.
• Liaise with numerous agencies and institutions (e.g. Adult Learning Centers, schools, banks, OSAP offices, social workers, women's shelters and doctors' offices)


Living Tree Needlecrafts, Toronto, Ontario
1980 - 1988
Team Leader (part time)
• Recruited and trained new employees.
• Planned monthly meetings.
• Attended regular sales and motivational seminars.


Rainbow Nursery School, Larrie, Ontario
1981 - 1983
• Recruited to plan and supervise innovative pre-school and parent-toddler programs.


Illumination Nursery School, St. Anne College, Cornwall, Ontario
1979 - 1980
Teaching Instructor
• Designed and led classroom training for Early Childhood Education students. Assisted in the demonstration school.


Mental Health Associates, Cornwall, Ontario
1977 - 1978
Program Coordinator
• Developed and implemented activity programs within the community to prevent, rehabilitate and educate in the mental health field.
• Spearheaded successful public relations initiatives with community social agencies.


Windows 98, Word, Lotus Notes, e-mail, Internet, database (CCMS 3.3)


Co-Chair for Branbill County 'Christmas Delights Program' supporting Mental Health Larrie
Heart & Stroke Foundation and Cancer Society- fundraising campaign member
Past President of Association for Early Childhood Education in Ontario
Teacher Liaison for Parent Preschool Corporation


• Interpersonal Skills
• Dealing With Difficult People
• Interviewing Techniques
• Life Skills Coach (Core I)
• Life Skills Coach (Core II)
• Crisis Intervention
• Parent-Child Attachment

Early Childhood Education (2 year program) and Arts & Science Program (1 year program)
Sir Sanford Fleming College, Peterborough

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