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Increased Sales Revenue · Territory Growth · Persuasion

Dedicated, top performing Pharmaceutical Sales Professional relocated from South Africa and focused on exceeding targets and growing strong territory and relationships in the local market. Presents with proven ability to drive market penetration through effective analysis, business planning, presentation and training expertise. A personable high achiever.



Challenge: Poor regional sales figures caused by neglect of pharmacies in rural areas.
Action: Personally resolved to conduct aggressive marketing of company products, focusing on under serviced pharmacies, and to establish and grow healthy customer relations with further 15 pharmacies previously past over by company representatives. Ensured their first impression of me, and the company, was positive and lasting.
Result: Increased sales by $15,000 in first quarter. In second quarter, captured another 12 pharmacies resulting in additional $50,000 turnover in that quarter alone. Received management recognition and award for blitzing sales targets and experiencing highest sales figures for Free State over far more experienced representatives.
Challenge: Poor company reputation gained from encounters with some past representatives and the need to establish strategies to ensure ongoing revenue growth.
Action: Approached pharmacies in friendly, open manner, demonstrating full product knowledge and evident desire to go out of my way to help. Took pains to always follow up and follow through on commitments. Negotiated bulk-buy discounts and reward system for loyalty customers.
Result: Turned around poor company image and established firm, profitably relationships. Increased sales and annual revenue in an environment where all parties profit and where revenues will continue to grow.



Pharmaceutical and Medical Representative Training (2006)

Curriculum overview:Territory Management / Sales Data Analysis / Detailing Doctors / Approaching & Educating Pharmacists / Medical Representative Best Practice / Industry Operations, Standards and Regulations / others

Master Trainer HIV/AIDS: Disease Prevention (1997)

GENERAL HEALTH SERVICES – Pretoria, South Africa
Curriculum overview:Small group facilitation/ Nature/Causes/Prevention

Business Administration: Advancement Course to Rank of Full Officer (1996)

ARMY UNIVERSITY – Pretoria, South Africa


Microsoft Office: Word, FrontPage, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; Various Internet search engines; Ability to touch type quickly and accurately.


Comprehensive fluency in English, Dutch, Sotho, Afrikaans.
Conversant to speak, read, write and translate German.
Read, write and translate Greek, Hebrew.



JONES & SONS ENTERPRISES LTD – Rosevale, SA 8/2005 to Present

Multi-million dollar diverse family owned business employing 5,000 across Australia.

  Dispatch Operator

Areas of Accountability: Order analysis, picking and packaging; product classification; compile accurate production records; organise floor layout for efficient management; operate and maintain hydraulic lifting equipment; ensure OH&S procedures adhered to.

Key Strengths & Achievements:

      • Gained increased customer satisfaction due to personal attention to detail and efficiency. Provide rare uninterrupted production for company due to reliability.
      • Promoted to permanent employee in record time and offered privileged status of access to unlimited overtime.
MEDICO PHARMA PTY LTD – Pretoria, South Africa 10/2004 to 5/2005

Pharmaceutical distribution company employing 140 personnel.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Areas of Accountability: Marketing range of generic analgesics and antihistamines to pharmacies in across region. Cold calling, territory and relationship management, detailing pharmacists, data analysis and response strategies.

Key Strengths & Achievements:

      • Though only employed by company for 7 months, blitzed sales targets and territory growth by capturing additional 12 pharmacies and increasing revenue over two quarters by $75,000. Received bonus recognition.
      • Overcame poor company reputation and general annoyance at previous sales representatives through personable approach to gain acceptance and greatly improved company standing. Introduced bulk-buy discounts and loyalty rewards to gain ongoing revenue growth.
      • Consistently conducted informative product presentations inevitably resulting in strong orders. Drew upon aptitude for persuading buyers to purchase superior products at higher prices to gain reputation for quality and reliability with their customers.
      • Key member of promotional team launching new generic antihistamine and consulting with pharmacies.
      • Ability to break down cost of product per tablet and per day as powerful selling point.
      • Maintained detailed, accurate records covering territory management and orders received. Executed data analysis and detailing promptly.
      • Kept abreast of competitors’ products and informed fellow sales team during personally convened weekly meetings.
RWQ REAL ESTATE – Pretoria, South Africa 1/2002 to 9/2004

Major property sales and administration company, employing 32 estate agents. 

Real Estate Sales Agent

Areas of Accountability: Identifying willing sellers and buyers, conducting negotiations, marketing properties, finalizing sale contracts.

Key Strengths & Achievements:

      • Maximized competitive advantage through maintaining past relations with military personnel who were eligible for housing grants and subsidies, resulting in more unit sales than other agents and increased revenue.
      • Secured administration of several large blocks of flats and townhouse complexes gaining additional annual income of $20,000.
      • Conducted presentations to groups and individual buyers on location at display homes or for off-the-plan units. Worked closely with press and other media to launch townhouse complexes.
      • Introduced substantial cash bonus for spotters. After advertising in local paper received overwhelming response prompting other agents to rapidly adopted this strategy.
      • Completed all prescribed sales and marketing industry relevant courses. Honed strong skills in public speaking, price negotiation, contract completion and lucrative cold canvassing.
THE SCHOOL OF ARMOUR – South Africa 1989 to 1998

Armoured Corps of the South African Defense Force.

Achieved Rank of Colonel



Numerous Commendation Awards: Third Military Hospital
Editor: SA Army official magazine


Golf / National Level Judo / Competition Mountain Biking / Water Skiing / Wake-Boarding


Overseas Service League / P&F Association / Adelaide Collective Baptist Church

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