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Position as a physical fitness trainer helping others to improve their personal well-being, health, and physical fitness.



Fitness Trainer Certification-International Sports Sciences Association. Well-conditioned athlete that has followed a rigorous personal fitness program for the past 15 years. Interviewed individuals to determine their interests in improving their physical condition. Helped others to develop personal special programs suited for their needs. Used diet planning, conditioning, aerobics, anaerobics, and supplemental programs. Familiar with various types of weight conditioning equipment.



Met with prospective clients and discussed their interests in improving their physical condition. Secured information regarding their medical history, current state of physical conditioning, family medical history, and eating and sleeping habits. Also determined if they were taking any medications that might have an adverse affect on training. Ascertained the extent of their commitment and goals to self-improvement.



Asked individuals their personal likes and dislikes for beverages and food. Determined if they had any particular adverse reactions to food and beverages. Identified their eating habits, schedules, and current weight. Established individualized goals for weight loss or gain. Created unique dietary plans that coincided with their training plans. Periodically checked their progress and altered plans as necessary.



Mapped out plans for phase training from beginning to advanced levels. Combined weight training with aerobics and anaerobics. Selected the right machines to develop each individual's program and conducted training in their proper use. Established cycle training with free weights and time schedules for aerobics combined with rest cycles. Also looked for long-term schedule changes concerning progress and relapse.



Developed programs and time schedules for vitamin intake and liquid supplements. Determined current status of each client before beginning planning for personal intake. Scheduled vitamin intakes and liquids to complement each training phase. Recommended general and specific content levels for each vitamin and liquid. Closely monitored each individual's attitudes, habits, and physical reactions.



Trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. Attended basic health, safety, and physical fitness courses. Trained others how to make triage decisions for evacuation and treatment of personnel. Also taught the proper use of various types of weight training and aerobic equipment.



Effectively communicated with people and skilled in assisting individuals to identify personal and professional goals. Quickly and easily adjusted to policies of many different supervisors of mixed racial, cultural, religious, and geographical backgrounds. Work well on my own with little or no supervision or as an effective member of a team. Seek added responsibility whenever possible. Frequently called upon by my superiors for special projects because they had the confidence in my ability to do them correctly and on time.




Physical Fitness Trainer, U.S. Army, Fort Hood, TX and Fort Riley, KS, January 2000–December 2003


Chemical Operations Supervisor, U.S. Army, Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, and Fort Hood, TX, January 1996–December 1999


Chemical Operations Specialist, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, April 1993–December 1995


Dental Assistant, U.S. Army, Fort Carson, CO and Heidelberg, Germany, September 1988–December 1992




Certificate, Fitness Trainer, International Sports Sciences Association, Santa Barbara, CA, 2001


Certificate, Hazardous Materials and Waste Handling, 40 hours, U.S. Army, Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, 1996


Honor Graduate, Chemical Operations Specialist Course, 13 weeks, U.S. Army, Fort McClellan, AL, 1993


Commandant's List, Primary Leadership Development Course, 4 weeks, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 1995


Diploma, Dental Specialist Course, 6 weeks, Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam Houston, TX, 1988


Diploma, Washington-Jefferson High School, Atlanta, GA, 1988

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