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• Over 20 years of success in Quality Engineering and Quality Inspections in the Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, and Chemical industries.
• AWS Certified Welding Inspector with proficient, hands-on experience.
• Exceptional knowledge of numerous Quality Assurance Programs utilizing NQA-1 Standards, quality surveillance and audits of subcontractors (MK-Ferguson, Lockheed Martin, and Bechtel).
• Conduct vendor audits and surveillances.
• Excellent working knowledge of company safety standards policies and procedures.
• Productive, multi-task oriented, adapt well to change, good work ethics, and meticulous.
• Excellent troubleshooting, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
• Safety conscious; no lost work time due to accidents; physically fit.
• Working knowledge of Word, Excel, Windows, LotusNotes, PassPort, E-mail, and Internet.
• Security Clearance : "L"
Helix Power Company, Boise, ID
1999 - Present
Quality Engineering Supervisor
• Provided quality engineering support to ensure implementation and compliance standards are met.
• Reviewed and approved Work Control Documents to ensure documentation and inspection requirements are included in the work packages.
• Determined inspection planning for requisitioned items.
• Conducted internal audits, surveillances, and self-assessments to support Radioactive Waste. Management Complex (RWMC) operations and maintenance.
• Interpreted Quality Assurance (QA) specifications and standards.
• Interfaced with System Engineers, Subcontractors, DOE, Craft Foremen, and Work Planners.
• Facilitated the Nonconformance (NCR) and Program Deficiency reporting (PDR) Systems.
• Inspected vendor sources and evaluate potential supplier's QA Programs.
Helix Power Company, Boise, ID
1998 - 1999
Lead Quality Engineer
• Assigned jobs for QI's and QE's on 3100 cubic meter project. Reviewed shipping and loading documentation for WIPP shipments.
• Reviewed Procurement Documents for applicable requirements.
Octagon Industries, Spokane, WA
1997 - 1998
Compliance Coordinator
• Developed and maintained a Self-Assessment Program to assess and document RWMC compliance with federal, state, and company requirements in accordance with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
• Coordinated and developed Self-Assessment schedules with Environmental Safety, Quality, Managers, and employees.
• Audited, assessed and inspected findings and assigned corrective actions to proper individuals.
• Entered information into a commitment tracking system and tracked data until completed.
• Ensured surveillances, audits and appraisals were conducted regularly to assess compliance with applicable procedures, directives, and orders with environmental, safety and health considerations and maintained an efficient records system.
Octagon Industries, Spokane, WA
1995 - 1997
Lead Quality Engineer
• Provided quality engineering support and oversight to line construction management organization.
• Directly interfaced with Area Construction Manager, Staff, and Subcontractors.
• Analyzed design and constructability; field surveillance planning; execution and closure.
• Evaluated subcontract proposals; preconstruction readiness review; requisition approval; researched field problems, and suggested recommendations for effective resolutions.
FJK International Inc., Spokane, WA
1994 - 1995
Project Quality Manager
• Established, implemented, and maintained the Quality Program Plan (QPP).
• Provided interpretation, technical and administrative assistance to Project Management.
• Developed, implemented, and maintained the Quality Assessment and Oversight Program.
• Performed and evaluated assessments and surveillance of subcontractors.
• Performed QA trending, root cause analysis, and evaluated and issued corrective action and/or Stop Work Orders.
• Supervised, trained, and directed Quality Engineering Staff.
• Quality Assurance approval and made recommendations for pre-bid evaluations and performance reviews, subcontractor quality assurance programs, vendor data submittals, design change, and nonconformance documents.
FJK International Inc., Spokane, WA
1990 - 1994
Quality Assurance Engineer
• Oversaw numerous electrical and mechanical construction packages and ensured quality contractual requirements compliance.
• Coordinated project surveillance reporting effort.
• Performed indoctrination and training of surveillance programs to personnel.
• Gave presentations on quality at Contract Awards.
SFB Corporation, Portland, OR
1990 - 1990
Quality Engineer
• Technical review and authentication of all quality documents generated for the installation of seismically-qualified supports and process piping systems.
• Ensured items are in compliance to site procedures specification design requirements and codes.
SFB Corporation, Portland, OR
1989 - 1990
Quality Control Inspector
• Certified to perform and document inspection per procedures. Certified in NDE Visual, Piping, Mechanical, Expansion Anchor, Liquid Penetrant, AWS CWI.
Acme Industries, Seattle, WA
1981 - 1989
Lead Quality Control Inspector
• Verified qualifications of welder, documentation of material, orientation of pipe, fitups, final welds, ISI welds, review process sheets and drawings for accuracy, performed welding surveillance, monitored post weld heat treatment, wrote storage reports, wrote non-conformance reports, performed hydro and pneumatic test, lead inspector over containment and fuel handling buildings. Advised 20 subordinate inspectors on problems and quality issues. Qualified on ultrasonic thickness and Holiday tests. Trained and certified to perform and document inspections.
Goldman Industries, Seattle, WA
1981 - 1981
Off-Shore Welder
Zane Group, Seattle, WA
1978 - 1981
Welding Foreman
Romanov Enterprises, Seattle, WA
1977 - 1978
Shop Foreman/Welder
Numerous company training courses: Site Access Training, Green Card Training, RadWorker Training.
Certified as AWS Welding Inspector
Pacific Technical College Welding Degree.
Lincoln High School, Pierre, South Dakota.

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