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US & International Markets – High-Growth Companies – Executive Consulting

Exudes high level of personal integrity and professionalism that raises the standards on organizational leadership and executive management.


• Consummate leader able to seamlessly bring together diverse, multi-cultural groups to one accord; unique talent for encouraging true collaboration and cohesiveness. Fluent in Spanish.
• Innovative visionary, focused on practical problem solving and delivering positive results. Prominent career marked with consistent record of top work performance and organizational achievements.
• Articulate communicator with demonstrated ability to effectively navigate organizations through highly sensitive or politically charged situations.
• Holds Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI) and Top Secret (TS) security clearances.
• Ideal leader to direct and promote sound business principles and incorporate new vision to move organizations forward. Sought to head priority initiatives and originate new programs.
• Possesses access to influential corporate and government executives and international security networks.


• Strategic / Tactical Planning
• EEO / Affirmative Action
• Financial Management
• Diversity Training
• Team Building
• Organizational Leadership
• Relationship Management
• Policy Formulation
• Staff Development
• Media & Public Relations
• Succession Planning
• Emergency Preparedness
• Recruiting, Staffing & Training
• Interagency Relations
• Influencing Decision-Makers
• Investigations Management
• Crisis Management / Security Operations
• Change & Turnaround Management
• Budget Planning, Development & Control
• Problem & Conflict Resolution
• Program Development / Implementation
• Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
• Government & International Relations
• Process & Productivity Improvement


Over 25 years of career leadership experience with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) marked with steady promotions to lead challenging drug operations in the United States and Latin America. Scope of responsibilities included divisional and regional leadership, operations management, human resource administration, financial management, and public affairs. Recognized for exceptional work performance and outstanding contributions to agency’s growth and operational success while efficiently meeting unique political, economic, and organizational challenges. Key executive management assignments both foreign and domestic.

DEA ASSISTANT SPECIAL AGENT-IN-CHARGE, Washington, DC (2005 to present)

Provides pivotal leadership at the Washington Division heading federal drug operations in Washington DC, Maryland, northern Virginia, and West Virginia. Directs Division administration, budget allocations, and oversees high profile programs including recruitment, personnel training, demand reduction, and division special projects.

Created and developed “first-ever” division leadership program providing mid-level personnel with mentoring and regular exposure to executive management activities.

Human Resource Management: Pioneered complete turnaround in office morale and division productivity by instituting year-long training in financial management and general administration; encouraged ongoing collaboration and teamwork that resulted in increased financial performance, better qualified personnel, and improved employee commitment.
Program Management: Revitalized recruitment program by assessing program effectiveness and creating increased momentum for achieving annual goals. Program has exceeded expectations and is acknowledged as “best-of-its-kind” nationwide.
Program Development: Conceived and coordinated new leadership program to advance leadership opportunities for senior-level employees. Groundbreaking program, still in pilot stage, has received overwhelming endorsement from upper management and may be adopted agency wide.


Recruited to manage program efficiency, ensure operational productivity and personal safety for 60+ employees for fifth largest DEA foreign office. Supported development of US foreign drug policy initiatives; served as top advisor to US Ambassador and senior representatives of Embassy Country Team. Forged global partnerships and promoted cohesive strategies to support international and regional counter-narcotics programs in South America.    

Executive Management: Directed counter-drug operations in Peru and Andean Region.
Budget Administration: Administered $2 million operational budget with expanded oversight for federally funded programs exceeding $12 million.
Management Training: Improved staff efficiency in budget controls and financial planning by incorporating training (financial management, budget planning, operational spending) for mid-level and executive level managers assigned to foreign agency offices.
Consensus Building: Employed continuous coalition and multi-agency coordination that resulted in improved police and government relations and significant achievements in program operations, joint strategies, and policy goals.


Piloted all facets of public affairs program for the Office of Congressional & Public Affairs. Provided media guidance to senior executive staff on press briefings, network events, movies, and other related public information matters. Member of Administrator’s Executive Staff and served as Chief Spokesman for agency. Actively promoted public awareness programs to bring national and international attention and recognition to agency’s mission and accomplishments.

Public & Media Relations: Liaised with national and international media representatives, scheduled live television and radio interviews, planned press conferences and appearances, and developed press releases.
Public Appearances: Appeared on CNN, Court TV, C-Span, Univision, Telemundo, the History Channel, and Discovery Channel to profile and highlight agency’s investigative successes, ongoing program development, and special events.
Process Improvements: Led design and implementation of computerized tracking / retrieval system to store public information and media contacts. Database became “practical management tool” allowing division to effectively review media activities.
Project Management: Conferred with museum design experts and Smithsonian Institute specialists for final design and planning phases of DEA Museum. Museum has been noted as “renowned cornerstone of public awareness on the history of drug abuse and federal law enforcement in America.”

GROUP SUPERVISOR, Miami, FL (1996 to 1999)

Mobilized and guided team of specially-trained Special Agents to arrest and immobilize violent drug offenders operating in rural and urban communities throughout Florida. Worked in concert with local and state law enforcement agencies, and Department of Defense to review and approve counter-drug initiatives and programs.

Strategic Alliances: Tapped into expansive pool of leaders from police forces, local government, community organizations, federal agencies, and state offices to synchronize enforcement activities to meet investigative and operational challenges.

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