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Agricultural Machinery / Agricultural Commodities / Farming Equipment



Performance driven, commercially astute Senior Executive with 30+ years delivering outstanding returns within the agricultural industry captured through combining incisive ability to strategize and execute forward-thinking revenue-generating solutions and excellent product knowledge. Specialize in evolving markets and related opportunities with outstanding track record for the research and accurate diagnosis of appropriate industry and customer approaches, driving rapid customer acquisition and retention. Possess keen focus on revenue growth, setting and achieving aggressive targets, and complex decision making to synchronize with rapidly changing market conditions. Cross-functional team leadership and management, facilitating large-scale operational change and advancement within a highly competitive industry. Proven expertise within:

  • Organization Restructure & Process Redesign
  • Policy/Procedure Development & Review
  • Negotiations, Presentations & Consultations
  • Key Alliance & Relationship Management
  • Financial & Contract Negotiations
  • Sales Training & Team Empowerment
  • Performance & Productivity Improvement
  • Communication & Interpersonal Excellence
  • Business Development & Turnaround 
  • Strategic Planning & Vision
  • Competitive Market Positioning 
  • Innovative Promotions & Advertising 
  • Budget Forecasting & Achievement 
  • Acquisition Negotiation & Integration
  • Recruitment, Selection & Training
  • Analytical & Conceptual Problem Solving 


WilTONS FARM SUPPLIES PTY LTD                                                             1974 – Present

Worked in the family business originally established in 1957, specializing in sales/servicing of John Deere products including 70HP-450HP tractors, combine harvesters and seeding equipment. Growing operations from 1 to 4 highly profitable branches and a staff of 60+, servicing a broad client base covering a combined area of approximately 60% of Ohio.

Dealer Principal (1990-Present) / Director (1992-Present)

Assume pivotal leadership role influencing growth and optimization across all areas of operations positioning company for a decade of rapid expansion into grain trading, transportation, chemical, and traditional farm machinery sales. Instrumental in transforming a single outlet machinery dealership with approximately 25% market share and $5M annual sales to a four branch enterprise, market leader with 75.2% John Deere product share, and a combined income of $106M per annum.

Steer and optimize operational efficiency and profitability; ensure performance targets are achieved and adequate finances are available to underpin continued business expansion. Train, supervise and motivate staff; empower and infuse confidence in all department heads to take ownership of the business; and encourage a collaborative and supportive culture throughout the organization. Foster strong customer relationships to maximize client satisfaction and repeat business.

  • Redeveloped underperforming grain trading business in 1982, propelling market share by 66%, sales by 75%, bottom-line profitability by 88% and storage from 5,000 to 30,000 tonne per annum, becoming a substantial earner for the company. Business later sold with funds instrumental in financing Ohio dealership expansion strategy.
  • Championed development of a highly successful general and bulk freight transportation business in 1983 with annual revenues of $5.6M, later sold for a lucrative profit to allow expansion into core business of machinery sales.
  • Pitched and won buy-in of key stakeholders to sell grain and transportation businesses and refine marketing thrust to a specialization and expansion into farm machinery sales, following recognition of potential growth within this area in 2000. Researched, strategized business plan, and consummated deal within 2 months.
  • Aligned operation to realize real growth in absorption factor target of 110%, currently at 75%.
  • Ranked Number 1 dealership for John Deere products sold for the past two consecutive years.

Business Redevelopment & Specialization

  • Consolidated company within farm equipment sales, exploiting economies of scale, purchasing power and spreading risks over varying geographical areas (weather and different modes of primary production).
  • Captured steady and sustainable market share growth, reflecting 25%-2000; 30%-2001; 35%-2002; 49%-2003; 58%-2004, boosting annual sales from $5m to $45M over the past 10 years.

 Dealership Setup & Expansion

Launched Dallas dealership from ground up in 2001; solely arranged takeover pre-work; recruited manager; and initiated strategies that have built the business into a $15M operation with steady growth in whole goods sales, parts and services.

  • Co-founded JD dealership in Texas in 1996; sourced suitable premises; located talented staff, successfully developing a strong dealership within a crucial food growing area of Huston.
  • Contributed industry and business operations prowess to the newly-established Ohio dealership in 2003.

 Valuation & Appraisal

  • Harnessed exceptional appraisal/valuation talent to reap lucrative profits on the purchase of used farming equipment both privately and at auction nationwide.
  • Renowned expert within the industry requested to value and appraise machinery during partnership dissolutions and farm auctions, etc.

Marketing & Customer Relations

  • Developed numerous market-penetrating and revenue-boosting TV, print and website marketing and advertising campaigns that secured 89% return on investment.
  • Fostered strong customer relationships by orchestrating customer group special events, social functions and IT training seminars building a solid client base of repeat and referring customers.

 Product Launch, Market Penetration & Profitability Growth

  • Amplified revenues and profit margins by 66% through launching new product/company lines including CRT, Honda, Kohler, Flexicoil, Sakundiak, Hardie and Horwood Bagshaw. Remained abreast of industry innovations and new product releases throughout Australia, Europe and Canada through regular business trips.
  • Steered company through devastating market plunges caused by droughts and low commodity prices by slashing operational expenditure through temporarily repositioning staff to other branches and bringing outstanding annual leave liabilities up-to-date.
  • Exploited quiet periods by utilizing staff to perform plant/building maintenance, and minimized loss of key people by staying focused on forthcoming season upturns.

 Operations & Staffing

  • Recaptured department managers’ focus and commitment through initiating annually reviewed, clearly written goals/targets and key performance indicators.
  • Revitalized and maintained staffing efficiency and performance by introducing management bonuses, open book policies, World Class Dealership program, and an active social club.
  • Overcame challenges of differing dealership policies/procedures and arising communication difficulties inherent in business advancement by helping to orchestrate Branch Business Managers that enabled concentration on sales, new opportunities and other crucial business operations.
  • Enhanced efficiency organization-wide by deploying streamlined uniform procedures and forms.
  • Instrumental in implementing cutting-edge fully integrated 24/7 on-line accounting and stock control system, professionalizing entire financial/inventory management and monitoring process.

HAEUSLER HOLDINGS PTY LTD, Sea Lake                                                 1996 - Present

Sole United States Wholesaler/Importer of Sakundiak grain augers, ranked as one of the premium grain augers within Canada and worldwide.

Managing Director

Negotiated, secured and grew importing business to a $2.5M annual revenue operation with continuing execution of market and sales-enhancing initiatives set to underpin continued growth and profitability across the United States agricultural marketplace.

Forecast and set annual sales targets; procure suitable stock levels 6 months prior to selling seasons in March/April and September/October; outsource manufacture of standard drive belt guards and fitment; and supervise team of 6 in the loading/unloading of approximately 75 augers per year.

  • Influenced up-selling by expanding product offerings and subsequent revenues with complementary grain auger lines, including Hawes Auger Mover – an OHS initiative that reduces operator strain by eliminating manual lifting/positioning, and Reverse Gearbox – allowing easy access for equipment cleaning.
  • Sourced, set-up, nurtured, and continue to expand 3 profitable retail distributors capturing market share within Nashville, Madison and Cheyenne territories.


John Deere Credit Award – within the top 10 for writing finance contracts
Top Dealer Award in the group for market share (2004)
Top Dealer Award in the group for market share (2003)

  • John Deere World Class Dealer – Pilot Program (2000)

 -   One of seven people handpicked from throughout United States to participate within a pilot program positioned to boost dealership standards nationwide by teaching skills and techniques to develop best-in-class standards.

  • John Deere Dealer Quality Control Council (2000-2003)

-    Key advisor to John Deere Inc., on issues impacting Dealers around the globe including Australia and New Zealand.


Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) – 2004 w Boyle Consulting

Safe Handling & Sales of Chemicals – 1996 w AgSafe

Bachelors Degree w St. John’s University

Countless hours of courses through John Deere Training School, including:

Techniques of Professional Sales ­ Selling Management Product ­ Knowledge Accounting ­ Sales Systems ­ Business Management


Farm Machinery Dealers Association


Computer Fiscal Services (CFS) Accounting Software ­ John Deere Pricing Configurator ­ Microsoft Word ­ Microsoft Excel ­ SAP (Wholegoods/Spareparts Invetor Systems) ­QATS (John Deere Finance Quoting System) ­ Internet ­ Email

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