How You May Obtain a Foreign Country Visa

The world over employers look for the same qualities in their applicants regardless of whether the job is in the USA, Poland or Hong Kong. You should be familiar with basic information related to country in which you are seeking employment.

You will experience the unfamiliar immigration rules and practices. Therefore you should be aware of subtle conventions associated with the country visa issues within different countries.

Austria Russia Uruguay Israel
Belgium Slovakia Venezuela Kuwait
Cyprus Spain ASIA Oman
Czech Republic Sweden Bangladesh Qatar
Denmark Switzerland China Saudi Arabia
Finland Ukraine Hong Kong Turkey
France United Kingdom India United Arab Emirates
Greece Canada Japan Kenya
Hungary Mexico Korea Nigeria
Ireland United States Malaysia Morocco
Italy SOUTH AMERICA Pakistan South Africa
Liechtenstein Argentina Philippines PACIFIC
Luxembourg Bolivia Singapore Australia
Malta Brazil Taiwan New Zealand
Netherlands Chile Thailand CARIBBEAN
Norway Colombia Singapore Dominican Republic
Poland Ecuador Vietnam Puerto Rico
Portugal Paraguay   Virgin Islands

art_warning Country Visa & Work PermitBe aware - processing of some country visa forms may take a long time. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you obtain these forms from an Embassy or Consulate and process them before leaving your home country

Other Country Visa Info

Now to finalize your Country Visa topic, if your you received your visa and work permit and if your international cover letter and CV or resume are ready, you may email them through the CV and resume distribution services to job recruiters and start preparing for a job interview.

If you received an invitation to an international job interview, take a look at dress codes and prepare yourself for a typical job interview questions, look at job interview tips and other job search skills.

Follow up the job interview with a thank you letter. Employers regard this as an indication of your strong interest in the position.

Good luck with your country visa!


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