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CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT combining cross-functional competencies in all phases of accounting, information systems, and staff supervision and management. Proficient in managing and developing financial reports and controls using staffing and technology efficiencies. Expertise in analyzing, developing and implementing stringent cost-reduction measures. Ability to contribute as a team player and interface with professionals on all levels. Expertise in identifying troublesome areas and implementing corrective measures. Fluent in English and Hindi. Expertise includes:

  • Internal Control and Audit • Accounting Information Systems
  • Budgets, Forecasts and Financial Modeling • Monthly, Quarterly and Year-End Reporting
  • Financial and Management Reporting • Corporate Tax Compliance
  • Corporate Accounting • Job Costing
  • Compliance • General Administration
  • Payroll Administration • Inventory Control & Purchasing

Technical proficiency includes Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Dbase IV, MAS90 and Alcie.

Representation of Career Accomplishments

· Devised and implemented significant cost-reduction, revenue increase and cash flow improvement measures throughout a professional career by restructuring staff responsibilities, upgrading technology or evaluating purchasing and sales procedures and improving reporting systems.
· Enhanced cash flow by 20%, and reduced past due invoices, corporate savings through improved department operations and implementation of client credit checks.
· Improved departmental and executive reporting turnaround time and accuracy through upgrading and streamlining staff responsibilities and resources.
· Coordinated and structured corporate accounting and financial departments, including staffing, training, technology and procedures.
· Instrumental in researching and negotiating health and dental benefits, insurance and other employee benefits.

Professional Experience

ABC INC. – New York, NY

Financial Controller 1989-2003

Charged with operating a five-person financial department, including overseeing payables, accounts receivables, compliance, cash flow, billing, payroll, taxes and operations. Coordinated capital asset acquisitions in excess of $25K. Evaluated and drafted annual operating and financial budgets, and prepared quarterly variance reports for senior management. Worked closely with external financial institutions regarding loans, payments, and other transactions; prepared documentation and assisted in scheduled audits. Supervised federal, state and local tax filings and prepared consolidation package in preparation of group consolidation accounts.
· Championed efforts involving group medical and dental insurance, office equipment leases and other administrative work.
· Improved turnaround time on receivables by streamlining staff responsibilities, performing detailed credit checks, implementing credit limits and closely following progress.
· Upgraded corporate accounting procedures, integrating and streamlining information systems resulting in timely exchange of information.
· Implemented cost-reduction measures that improved productivity and revenue, including advanced preparation of audit information and corporate tax returns which saved over $25K annually.
· Developed internal cost-reduction controls including overtime compliance, expense management, accurate billing, and capital expenditures.


Internal Auditor 1986-1988

Ensured compliance with all local and national laws. Performed internal audits and submitted detailed recommendations to management identifying potential problems, excessive spending and solutions for the same.

Account Manager 1982-1985

Developed operational and financial budgets; supervised costs on large projects, ensuring reconciliation of expenses with allocated funds; managed inventory and accounts payable personnel; coordinated financial transactions with banks and lending institutions; and managed foreign currency and branch offices transactions.
· Eliminated non-profitable jobs by implementing a cost history database used in ensuring consistency in price quotes and use of personnel resources.
· Secured additional working capital at below-market interest rates by preparing specific revenue projections and keeping lending institutions advised of any changes.
· Promoted to Internal Auditor (1986)


Accountant 1978-1981

Managed ten-person accounts payable department, including independent contractors. Prepared bi-weekly payroll for over 2,000 employees; recorded journal entries; and prepared tax returns and other financial documentation as warranted.

Licenses and Certifications

· Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants (India.
· Passed Certified Public Accountant examination (1999.
· New Jersey State Insurance Agent


PUNJAB UNIVERSITY – Panipat (Karnal), India
Bachelor of Commerce

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