International Manufacturing Consultant Resume Sample

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Seeking International Food Processing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Management Focus Consulting Opportunities for US Based Companies Doing Business in Africa and Asia
  • One of the only female executives on the continent of Africa to lead international manufacturing operations despite great challenges and brief political imprisonment during career.
  • Proven, multi-year international management/leadership expertise with transferable skills from overseeing critical financial aspects in the manufacturing industry, including Controller Level Leadership (Multi-Projects), Plant Management, Debt Reduction Strategies and Safety Program Design Implementations, Manufacturing, Marketing, Profit and Loss analysis.
  • Regarded as an innovative, complete financial leader who successfully leads new strategic partnerships while managing teams on outsourced contracts with annual revenue in the millions of dollars.
  • Strong production environment experience, operations management and supervision of hourly employees.  Able to review administrative and financial aspects of production plans as well as determine optimum business strategies in a very difficult market, political and economic conditions.
  • Outstanding ability to establish strategic business plans that include evaluating and implementing leading-edge financial solutions while anticipating technology and personnel trends to meet a company's immediate and future needs.
  • Able to direct financial team activities that focus on design and implementation of new programs and strategies in financial areas that support leading-edge growth operations.
  • Outstanding customer-driven financial solution management focus built through multi-year high-level partnering with international companies (US and European primarily) that has led to highly accurate forecasting, cost reductions/controls and productivity enhancements across multiple corporate services and business areas. 
  • Transferable skill set for current positions include:

Strategic Planning/Initiatives
Controller / Financial Leadership|
United Nations Liaison (Corporate)
Union Negotiations / Labor Experience
Corporate Cost / Budget Management
Food / Chemical / Pharmaceutical Expertise
Distribution Center Management
System Operational Evaluations
Safety Control / Design Issues
Political Experience / Sensitive Line Funding Issues

Production Management
Cross-Functional Team Leader
Business Strategy / Channel Profitability
ISO 9002 Management
International Trade / Business Expertise
Total P&L Responsibility / Engineering Projects
Banking/Credit Relationship Development
Capital Program Management
New Market / Opportunity Development
Production / Process / Procedural Troubleshooting

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, BS, Chemical Engineering and Food Process Engineering, May 1996
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; three months USAID funded course in Plant Management
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, three month USAID course in Food Plant and Cost Management
CALATO SECURITIES LTD., Pretoria, South Africa 1996 – 1998
Managing Director
Directly controlled comprehensive multi-unit management functions. Led cross-functional teams on the company’s major projects. Oversaw organizational recruiting, training and structure. Held P&L of the technical department which handled engineering projects. In this comprehensive management position, reviewed all employee performances and kept a hands-on, active role on all levels of personnel and financial management functions. Comprehensive controller/financial responsibilities for this multi-million production and manufacturing division. Drove major initiatives and management enhancement strategies across multiple departments through initiatives in these areas:
Safety, Quality, Finance and Production Management
  • Led this manufacturing and holding company with a turnover of $212 million annually (aggregate value of over $300 million); held complete management responsibility for the company’s three distinct business units with 280 employees, including Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distribution through these channels:
    • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores (26)
    • Petroleum/Fuel Distributions (to ether fuel dealers not associated with Calato)
    • Supply of cooking gas (butane) to institutions and retail outlets
  • Worked with contractors on behalf of Sino to produce goods to meet the company’s orders; this work included close knowledge of land contracts with governments, parastatal organizations and international relief agencies (to procure goods on their behalf). Goods included commodities to scientific equipment.
  • Relief Distribution focused on international relief efforts in Sudan and Vietnam; successes included distributing hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to these war-torn and economically/politically and socially distressed areas. Designed and implemented an aggressive safety first program to reduce lost time due to injuries.
  • Successfully completed bid-proposal preparation to secure business by assessing competition and industry trend despite still built-in traditional conflicts within South Africa and its citizens.
  • Strengthened working relations with employees and built the company from small to large.
CONAGRO-CHEMICALS, Cape Town, South Africa 1989–1996
Manufacturing: Production Assistant (1989–1991); Production Liaison (1992–1993);
Production Manager, (1993 –1996); International Relations Specialist (1992–1996)
Led production improvements and initiatives that resulted in outstanding quality reputation, safety records and reputation.  Drove re-organizational changes that led to improved Best Practices SOP for the business across the board. Reviewed, standardized and followed up to ensure these practices gained the full support of all managers and other personnel. Held budgetary and P&L oversight. Change Agent Leadership included leading culture shift toward customer-focused teams, better race relations and team goals throughout the plants. 
  • Won position amidst Apartheid backed company; helped company develop liaison relationship with Fortune 500 companies in the United States to keep funding and financial support during political upheaval and racial segregation challenges.
  • Successfully increased ethanol and citric acid recovery by 67% through efficient process design and control.
  • Reduced employees from 475 to 250 while simultaneously increasing production output through efficient use of new technology and overall cost reductions.
  • Coordinated all operations and managed 250 employees for this facility, including ensuring ISO 9002 standards and EU-based food safety procedures/standards.
  • Directed both the Citric Acid and Ethanol (power alcohol) production divisions using molasses from sugar cane as the fermentation substrates.  Successfully conducted pilot fermentations to determine optimal citric acid yields in line with different sources and different chemical clarification treatments of sugar juices (resulting in molasses of varying fermentation requirements).
  • Improved production and operational reporting which led to the resolution of multiple manufacturing and operational delays.
  • Increased raw material utilization capacity 68% while successfully negotiating lower-priced molasses supply from three neighbouring sugar factories and US/European companies.
  • Union work included solving workers grievances and negotiating directly with unions to positive effect each time there was an issue; issues were resolved from management to floor workers – black and white/all cultures. 

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