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Administrative & Organizational Expertise

Innovative and analytical professional with solid skills in Meridian SL-1 System (PBX) Option 21E (RLS 19) Meridian Mail 9 and MDR Call Accounting Program. Aggressive at identifying and resolving operational inefficiencies. Adept at completing demanding projects within crucial timelines. Thorough. Detail and process-oriented. Strong follow-through skills. Known for quickly absorbing, retaining and implementing new information and procedures. Recognized for projecting a polished, calm and professional demeanour. Highly articulate, demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills. Sincere and honest with a high level of personal and professional integrity. Strengths include:

• Telecommunications Technology • Concurrent Project Management
• Process & Performance Optimization • Presentations, Trade Shows & Event Planning
• Problem Resolution & Troubleshooting • Budget Administration
• Sales Team Training & Team Leadership • Report Generation & Publications
Technical Corporation, Toronto
Earned this senior position after fast-tracking through numerous positions within this software company providing tools to effectively monitor, analyze and control the use of communications. The magnitude of responsibilities for this position ranged from new employee training at the Toronto office, to the development of the Technical Sales Methodology Manual for North American SalesForce.
• Spearheaded multiple sales and marketing training programs (for both entry-level and senior employees) including all course content. Wrote all program manuals.
• Strategized to define and administer the Technical e-learning environment, a question-based selling course.
• Selected as company WebEx and ACT 2000 contact person and trainer for sales and marketing divisions.
• Trusted with complete project control for all sales manuals, training programs and national sales conferences. Efforts were rewarded with recognition in 2002, citing the company's "Most Valuable Contributor Volunteer".
Former Switchview Assignments
1998 - 2002

~ Sales & Marketing Associate ~ Associate Account Executive ~ Sales Engineer ~

• Installed, trained, restructured and supported ACT2000 software for the new sales force of 35.
• Organized Executive Sales Seminars (invitations, mailings, hotel/conference arrangements).
• Prospected for new Sales Representatives and Account Executives.
• Comprehensive knowledge served to answer technical questions from customers, Switchview staff and distributor sales forces. Answered queries regarding PBX configurations, LAN connectivity, external hardware and software compatibility, Switchview and UNIX configuration, functionalist and applications.
• Cultivated the relationship with installed based accounts by seeking additional revenue opportunities for product upgrades, training and services.
• Organized and facilitated Switchview Product Presentations and User Groups.
• Assisted and supported sales force with customer presentations and distributor roll-outs.
• Completed all Request for Proposal (RFP) for Account Executives in Canada and North Eastern United States.

The University of Toronto, St. Michael's College, Toronto
1989 - 1998

Promoted from the original position of Registrar Clerk to provide complete telecommunications technical and administrative support for a staff of 300. Interfaced extensively with Bell Technicians and Systems Managers, relaying vital information and system options to pertinent departments. Maintained Meridian SL-1 System and Meridian Mail. Ensured continuous end-user training. Reprogrammed existing telephone sets - 2006, 2008, 2616 using various loads in PBX. Kept accurate records and databases pertaining to service requests, authorization codes, location of extensions, TNs, and MDR accounting.

• Administrative successes included seamlessly processing all long-distance authorization code reports, internal long-distance billing, work orders, notices and purchase orders for the entire facility.
• Created an internal telecommunication invoice procedure by analyzing phone usage reports and utilizing ACCESS software to customize a user-specific bill. This provided a quick overview of departmental data for further analysis.
• Centralized a work order tracking system for all service repair or new hardware installation requests. Entered requirements into database software. This enabled status reports for department heads to review outstanding and completed orders; grade of service and performance review by tradespeople; and orders to date for departmental budget purposes.

Served as strategic team member within the Advertising / Marketing industries, as well as Supervisor, Staff Trainer and Examiner for Borough of East York's Aquatic Department.
Windows, MS Office Suite, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Remedy, ACT2000, Internet, e-mail, Webex Meeting On-line, Dreamweaver4, Fireworks, EskerTun Emulator, UNIX, PBX, fax, scanner and digital camcorder.

• ACT2000 Software Course
• Meridian 1 ACD A-C2 Feature Administration
• X11 Station Moves, Adds and Changes
• Meridian Mail Systems & Applications
• Meridian 1 Familiarization I & II
• Canadian Marketing Association Seminar
• Call Accounting Advanced
• Indispensable Assistant

Johnson Controls: Building Maintenance Program Operator
SSGD with Grade 13 Credits, St. Joseph's College School

Large-scale fundraising dinners throughout Ontario and Quebec for various churches and women's organizations. Extend marketing and technology savviness (web site development and brochure (content/layout/design) to these groups.

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