Action Words and Phrases

Ability to delegate Knowledge of
Ability to implement Leadership
Ability to plan Maintained
Ability to train Managed
Accurate Master's Degree
Accustomed to heavy work More than __ years experience
Achievement-oriented Motivated
Adaptable Multi-disciplined
Aggressive work Multi-task oriented
Analytical ability Negotiated
Assertive Open communication
Bachelor's Degree Open-minded
Budget-driven Operated as
Collaborative Organizational skills
Communication skills organizational skills
Competent at Organized
Competitive Performed
Conceptual ability Persuasion skills
Consistently ranked number one Planned
Deadline driven Presentation skills
Decreased costs by $__ Million Presented
Demanding responsibility Problem-solving
Dependable Proficient at
Detail-oriented Promoted to/from
Enthusiastic Proven track record in
Ethics Provided technical assistance
Exceeded expectations Recipient of
Exceeded goals by ___% Recommendations accepted
Exceeded quotas by ____ Recommended
Experienced as Remained as
Expertise skills Reported directly to
Extensive experience Resourcefulness
Extensive training Resulted in
Familiar with Results-oriented
Flexible Results-driven
Follow through leadership Rigorous
Formulated Risk-taking
Gathered Sales quota accountability
Goal-oriented Self-accountable
Handled Self-managing
High energy Self-driven
Highly motivated self-motivation
Honoured as Served as
Impacted cost of __ by $__ Setting priorities
Implemented Solutions-oriented
Improved productivity Specialize in
In charge of Substantially improved __ by __%
Increased revenue by __% Successful in/at
Industrious Supportive
Initially employed Takes Initiative
Initiated Team building
Innovation resulted in Team ranked
Innovative Team task minded
Installed Temporarily assigned to
Instructed Top-ranked
Instrumental in Well organized
Interaction with Work well under pressure
Investigated Worked closely with

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