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Results-oriented professional with administration, operations, and management experience with companies in start-up, reorganization, or expansion, in small to mid-sized companies.

Supervising; operations; accounting; accounts receivable; accounts payable; payroll; budgeting and forecasting; cost accounting; collections; facilities management; employee development; marketing and product positioning; advertising; merchandising; inventory control; public relations; customer support; new business development; strategic planning; materials management; administration.

Excellent interpersonal skills, team player and ability to work well with all levels of an organization. Effective presentation, verbal and written communication skills. Well-developed organizational, project management, trouble-shooting and problem-solving abilities.

Computer literate. Proficient in WordPerfect 5.1, 6.0, Word for Windows, Lotus 123, and PC File. Working knowledge of Microsoft Works, Excel, Quattro Pro, MAC programs and DOS. BBA, University of Anywhere, Management, Accounting and Human Resources, 1973.


1991 - present
BRANCH ADMINISTRATOR, Acme Widget Mfr, Somewhere, IL
Largest widget manufacturer with revenues of more than $32 million, over 350 employees and seven branches in Illinois.

Supervise 46 employees in administration; accounts receivable/payable; sales support; human resources; employee development; quality control; customer service.

Directs the daily operations of the branch and increased profitability.

Developed a self-directed management team to implement progressive changes. In 1993 moved to 1st place in customer service, profitability, overall performance, and realized a 44% growth. In collections decreased the days outstanding for delinquent accounts. The days outstanding dropped from 49 days to 36 days in 3 months, and the branch was no.1 in collections in 1992.

Wrote a Sales Coordinator Training Manual, after evaluating all of the procedures required for tracking new business from sales to installation. The manual was adopted company-wide. Implemented a customer-driven program that follows TQM standards and has reduced the number of customer complaints and increased customer satisfaction.

1988- 1991
MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT, Jane Doe Consulting - New York area; Dallas, TX; and Portland, OR.

Provided consulting to companies that were in start-up situations, reorganization or that needed computer and new business development assistance.

As COO, managed a potentially $2 million company and developed the client tracking process for a start-up career marketing company. Had the business operational in six weeks.

Reorganized executive suites company in Dallas, TX, as CENTER MANAGER. Rehired and trained 16 employees, developed the budget and increased revenues by 45% in the first 5 months of 1990.

Expanded a major party linen company in Queens, as GENERAL MANAGER. Set up the northern Virginia distribution facility. Hired and trained all personnel, developed the budget and all accounting systems, set up all office procedures and delivery schedules which allowed for the centre to be up and running in 20 days, and attained revenues within 2% of the goal.

Created Courthouse Square Association in Kings, OR, as volunteer DIRECTOR in 1988. Developed goals, directed public relations and fundraising for the square, thereby increasing the public knowledge of the availability of the facility for private functions. Worked with the City Council, Redevelopment Agency, private investors, and venture capitalists.

1983 - 1987
OWNER, GENERAL MANAGER in New York City, of two speciality retail toy stores, and three department stores specializing in seasonal and Christmas items. Directed advertising; public relations; accounting and tax compliance; merchandising; inventory control; sales supervision; budgeting and forecasting. Supervised 100 employees.

1977 - 1987
DIRECTOR, Police Administrative Services Bureau, Any Police Department, Middle City, NY. Supervised 146 employees; the day-to-day operations; Accounting Division; Property Management; Evidence Management; Building Services Division; Human Resources; $30 million budget.


Re-engineering the Corporation - 1994
Conflict Management - 1994
Training the Trainer - 1993
Self-Directed Team management by Blanchard - 1993
Managing Negativity in the Workplace - 1993
Total Quality Management, TQM, courses - 1993
Criminal Justice System and Civil Service - management courses from 1977 until 1983.

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