District Sales Manager Resume Sample

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District Sales Manager Resume Sample

The functional resume format (skill based resume), highlights the skills and accomplishments developed through work, academic and community experiences, and hide carrier changes and irregularities in work history. Your skills and potential can be stressed and lack of experience or possible gaps in work history de-emphasized. Check the functional resume advantages & disadvantages.

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Sales Management / Marketing / Operations / Distribution

Over 20 years of sales, management, personnel training, and strategic territory development in the highly competitive wholesale distribution of diverse products. Sought by corporate management on numerous occasions to turn struggling divisions profitable and to increase product penetration in previously untapped markets. Established national sales training protocols to mentor new sales staff, significantly increase annual revenues and acquire business previously lost to competitors.


Pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Kentucky Wesleyan College. Have enhanced academic and professional credentials with additional training in inventory management, negotiations, vendor and customer relationships, sales training and staff management, conflict resolution and computer-based business applications.

These strong skills and experiences would enable me to serve your organization in a variety of leadership capacities. I believe my abilities could be maximized as National Sales Manager, Corporate Marketing Coordinator, or Director of Distribution. Given the opportunity to represent myself to you in person, I am confident you will find me to be a worthy addition to your leadership team.


• Multi-site supervision included sales regions from 24 counties to four states, with as many as 52 strategic dealer relationships.
• Held P&L for all sales, marketing, promotions, advertising with $20K improvements to the bottom line.
• Annual sales ranged from $1.5M in 1985 to $5.2M in the first three quarters of 2001.
• Discerning sense for customer needs to be led to the top 10% for the nation three years in a row.
• Served as the key liaison for new product introduction that generated sales revenues of $350K in the first year, and $1.1M during the second fiscal year.
• Identified sales promotions that increased revenues by $500K in the month of February (what is traditionally the slowest month of the year for outdoor equipment).
• Sought by senior management to cover two large territories simultaneously, efforts led to a reduction in overhead and profitable turn of two struggling divisions.
• Created in-store promotions and incentive programs to liquidate over 350 excessive units in inventory.
FJK Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana
1993 – Present
District Sales Manager
Troy-Built, Indianapolis, Indiana
1986 – 1993
District Sales Manager
Lawn and Garder Center, South Bend, Indiana
1979 – 1986
District Sales Manager
Acme Resources, Indianapolis, Indiana/Denver, Colorado
1971 – 1979
Territory Sales Representative

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