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About 84codes

Founded in Sweden in 2012 by Carl Hörberg, 84codes is a technology company that revolutionizes how developers interact with cloud infrastructure. Carl identified a significant gap while working with RabbitMQ and various platforms like Heroku and AppHarbor. His vision was clear: accelerate application deployment by eliminating the need for developers to manage server configurations and maintenance.

Today, 84codes offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-hosted open source services, including CloudAMQP, CloudKarafka, ElephantSQL, and CloudMQTT. These services empower developers by automating server tasks, allowing them to dedicate their efforts to creating innovative applications. Our solutions support the construction of distributed systems capable of handling millions of messages per second and IoT services that manage vast numbers of devices.

Our commitment extends beyond simple automation. We strive to provide an environment where developers can thrive without the burden of backend complexities. This commitment has led to the management of thousands of server instances across multiple clouds globally, serving over 3500 satisfied clients in more than 60 countries.

One of the key aspects of our service is the provision of remote job opportunities. This approach not only supports a diverse and global workforce but also attracts top talent who prefer the flexibility of working from anywhere. By offering remote roles, we maintain a dynamic and adaptable team, ready to address the evolving needs of our customers.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on reducing the workload for developers so they can concentrate on what they do best—innovate. Join us at 84codes, where your development skills will meet cutting-edge cloud technology in an environment that values your contribution and fosters your growth.

Explore a career with 84codes and be part of a team that is reshaping the future of cloud services. Together, we can build a more efficient and productive digital landscape.