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Abnormal Security [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Abnormal Security, a leader in cybersecurity, leverages behavioral AI and ML models to analyze the activities of all employees and partners. This sophisticated approach enables the company to thwart a wide array of email threats, including credential phishing, business email compromise, and vendor invoice fraud. Additionally, the firm addresses new types of attacks that target email and collaboration applications.

The company’s commitment to creating seamless user experiences is evident in its robust platform, which promises enduring, high-efficacy protection for client data. Customers rely on Abnormal Security for safeguarding their cloud-based email communications, trusting in the company’s advanced technology and expertise.

Leadership at Abnormal Security includes industry pioneers with extensive backgrounds in AI and ML. These experts have held pivotal positions at major tech firms such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Salesforce, contributing to their profound understanding of cybersecurity needs and solutions.

Importantly, Abnormal Security offers remote job opportunities, allowing professionals from diverse locations to contribute to their mission. This flexibility supports a dynamic and inclusive work environment, attracting top talent globally. By offering remote roles, the company taps into a wider pool of expertise, further enhancing its innovative edge.

Ultimately, Abnormal Security stands out for its proactive approach to cybersecurity, commitment to customer trust, and inclusive employment practices. The company not only protects against known threats but also diligently works to anticipate and mitigate emerging risks, ensuring a safer digital environment for all its clients.