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Ad Hoc [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Ad Hoc is at the forefront of transforming the nation’s unemployment insurance systems. This company recognizes the urgent need to modernize outdated, manual, and paper-based processes with cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches. By focusing on technological advancements, Ad Hoc aims to streamline and enhance these essential systems.

At Ad Hoc, the philosophy is simple: invest in people. Team members are encouraged to bring forward ideas that improve project outcomes. The company values iteration, growth, and meaningful change, not only in the products developed but also in the professional development of its staff. Employees are supported in acquiring new skills, facing challenges, and advancing their careers while contributing to significant work.

Understanding the importance of work-life balance, Ad Hoc offers flexible work arrangements. Employees are trusted to manage their schedules effectively, whether that means adjusting hours to manage personal responsibilities or to enjoy leisure activities. This flexibility is foundational in maintaining a satisfied and productive workforce.

Moreover, Ad Hoc is proud to offer remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work from anywhere across 45 states, including Washington D.C. This approach not only taps into a diverse pool of talent but also enriches the company’s culture and output. By embracing diversity and remote collaboration, Ad Hoc ensures that its team is both versatile and inclusive.

In summary, Ad Hoc is not just a company but a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to improving how unemployment insurance systems operate across the United States. With a commitment to employee growth, work-life balance, and remote work, Ad Hoc is an ideal place for talented individuals looking to make a difference.