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About Adeva: Pioneering Remote Work Opportunities

Adeva is a globally recognized talent network that specializes in connecting top-tier tech professionals with innovative companies. This award-winning platform has revolutionized the way companies scale their engineering teams, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution. By eliminating unnecessary overhead and reducing fees, companies save significantly, with an average of 30% cost reduction per hire each year.

With a commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, Adeva champions equal opportunities for developers regardless of their location, gender, or race. The company’s origins are rooted in a desire to democratize access to premium tech projects. Founders, starting in a small European country, recognized the disparity in opportunity and set out to create a more equitable landscape. This vision has propelled Adeva to become a beacon for remote tech employment, offering positions that cater to a global workforce.

Today, Adeva collaborates with industry giants such as Hopin, Imgur, Slice, and Johnson & Johnson. These partnerships have fueled a remarkable 250% year-over-year growth, illustrating the effectiveness and demand for Adeva’s services. The company’s mission extends beyond business growth, aiming to enable boundary-less work for 1 million people by 2030. As a fully distributed network, Adeva operates in over 30 countries, providing vast remote work opportunities that empower individuals and enhance their professional lives.

The community aspect of Adeva is particularly vibrant, welcoming new members from diverse backgrounds to join its ranks. This approach not only helps in scaling teams but also in nurturing tech leaders who thrive in remote settings. Adeva’s platform is more than a job board; it is a career development hub that connects ambitious tech professionals with roles that offer growth, challenge, and recognition.

In conclusion, Adeva is not just facilitating remote work; it is reshaping how and where the world works. By prioritizing equal access and substantial savings, the company continues to break barriers and build a more inclusive tech industry.