ALICE [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

ALICE is a dynamic company that thrives at the intersection of innovation, technology, and hospitality. With a commitment to improving established practices through fresh ideas and advanced solutions, ALICE serves the hospitality industry by enhancing the way hoteliers operate and engage with their guests. This commitment is evident in the adoption of scientific knowledge to meet practical needs, ensuring that every interaction is not just transactional but a genuine, hospitable experience.

Operating globally, ALICE proudly supports a diverse workforce with nearly half of its team working remotely from 13 different countries. This structure is not an afterthought but a foundational aspect of our operations, designed with remote employees in mind from the outset. By doing so, ALICE maintains a fluid, adaptable work environment that respects and utilizes the varied backgrounds and insights of its team to foster innovation and efficiency.

At the core of ALICE’s philosophy is a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company goes beyond mere statements and actively cultivates a workplace where all employees are encouraged to contribute their best. Through its Diversity and Inclusion Committee, ALICE works tirelessly to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has access to the same opportunities for growth and recognition. This approach not only enriches our corporate culture but also drives us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

In terms of corporate values, ALICE embodies the essence of hospitality‚ÄĒanticipating needs, building empathy, and acting with integrity. These principles guide our interactions both within the company and with our clients. We believe in being humble, maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere, and building strong, authentic relationships. This ethos is reflected in how we approach challenges, prioritize continuous improvement, and encourage curiosity among our team members.

ALICE also emphasizes a collaborative team environment where ideas are shared freely but held loosely enough to adapt as needed. Feedback is given constructively, with a focus on caring and improvement. Our team members are encouraged to be self-starters, to tackle challenges head-on, and to think strategically while playing collaboratively. This balance ensures that while we are hard on problems, we remain supportive of people, fostering a culture of resilience and mutual respect.

In summary, ALICE is not just a company but a community of forward-thinking individuals dedicated to redefining the hospitality industry through innovative technology and genuine service. By embracing remote work, we leverage global talent to maintain high standards of service and continue our mission of transforming the hospitality landscape.