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About Amplicare

Amplicare, established in 2012, revolutionizes the intersection of healthcare and technology. Our mission is ambitious: to positively impact one billion patients by 2030. With a focus on empowering pharmacies and their patients, we provide tools that facilitate better healthcare decisions daily. Our flagship product, Amplicare Match, launched as iMedicare, has grown significantly. Today, it is utilized by thousands of pharmacies to enhance patient care efficiently throughout the year.

Our company culture values transparency, openness, and accessibility in healthcare. We are committed to innovation and passionate about making a significant, positive difference in healthcare outcomes. For those eager to contribute to this vision, Amplicare offers a dynamic work environment. Importantly, we also support remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work flexibly from various locations. This approach not only attracts top talent from diverse backgrounds but also fosters a more inclusive and productive workforce.

Joining Amplicare means becoming part of a team dedicated to transforming pharmacists into healthcare superheroes. We are continuously expanding our platform with new tools that support year-round patient care. If making a meaningful impact in healthcare motivates you, consider Amplicare as your next career step. We are keen to engage with professionals who are ready to drive change and improve lives across the globe.

Explore career opportunities with us and be part of a journey to shape the future of healthcare. At Amplicare, every role is crucial, every contribution valued. Together, we can reach our goal of affecting one billion patients by 2030.