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About Atom Bank

Atom Bank stands as the UK’s pioneering app-based bank, dedicated to revolutionizing the banking experience. With a focus on simplifying customer interactions through advanced technology, Atom Bank has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. Our services are centered around providing competitive mortgage and savings rates which have garnered widespread acclaim and customer satisfaction.

Recognized for our exceptional customer service, we strive to maintain a responsive and helpful environment for all client inquiries and needs. Atom Bank operates not just in physical locations in Durham and London, but also embraces a flexible work model. This model includes offering remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work efficiently from various locations.

Our commitment to creating an optimal work environment is evident through our various accolades and the positive feedback from our team. By fostering a culture that values both professional growth and personal well-being, Atom Bank ensures that every employee feels valued and motivated. Remote positions at Atom Bank are crafted to integrate seamlessly with our team’s dynamic, supporting continuous collaboration and innovation regardless of geographical boundaries.

For those interested in joining a forward-thinking financial institution that prioritizes both customer and employee satisfaction, Atom Bank offers a variety of roles that cater to diverse skill sets and professional aspirations. Each role is designed with clarity and purpose, aiming to contribute significantly to our ongoing success and customer happiness.

In conclusion, Atom Bank is not just transforming banking; we are also redefining workplace flexibility and employee engagement. We invite you to explore the opportunities to join our team, where each day is an opportunity to impact the future of banking positively.