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B2U Storage Solutions [Remote Jobs]

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B2U Storage Solutions, established in 2019 by Freeman Hall and Mike Stern, specializes in innovative energy storage. This company, a spin-off from Solar Electric Solutions, leverages advanced technology to repurpose electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Their systems are designed for optimal performance, significantly reducing the Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS).

With its headquarters in Lancaster, California, B2U launched its first operational site in April 2020. This facility manages over 4MWh of storage capacity, utilizing 250 repurposed EV battery packs. These batteries are configured to charge and discharge efficiently, adapting to various states of health.

In September 2021, B2U successfully secured a $10M Series investment from Marubeni Corp. This funding supports ongoing research and expansion of their storage solutions. B2U not only contributes to sustainable energy markets by selling stored electricity during peak demand but also offers remote job opportunities. This approach allows professionals from diverse locations to contribute to B2U’s mission of enhancing energy storage solutions.

Remote positions at B2U attract top talent who are passionate about sustainability and technological innovation. Employees enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere, which fosters a dynamic and inclusive work environment. By offering remote roles, B2U remains at the forefront of the energy sector, ready to meet the increasing demands for renewable energy solutions.

As B2U continues to grow and innovate, it remains committed to providing efficient and sustainable energy storage solutions. Their use of second-life EV batteries not only supports environmental sustainability but also drives down storage costs, making renewable energy more accessible and reliable.