Barsala [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Barsala redefines the concept of travel accommodations by merging the comforts of home with the luxury of hotel amenities. Founded in Seattle in 2016 by technology professionals who were frequent travelers themselves, this innovative company recognized the inefficiencies in traditional hotel stays. Observing numerous vacant upscale apartments, the founders envisioned a better utilization of these spaces. Thus, Barsala was born, transforming these apartments into luxurious, fully furnished living spaces for both short and long-term guests.

Each Barsala space is meticulously designed and maintained by our team, ensuring a consistent and premium experience for every guest. Unlike typical hotel rooms, our accommodations include full kitchens, living rooms, and in-unit laundry facilities, providing a true home-away-from-home experience. Our commitment to quality and guest satisfaction is evident, as we have welcomed over 50,000 guests since our inception.

Barsala also embraces technology to improve guest experiences. Rejecting outdated hotel and property management systems, we developed our own technology platform. This innovation allows guests to effortlessly manage their stays through a mobile app, offering unparalleled convenience and control.

Moreover, Barsala is committed to community integration. We temporarily utilize vacant apartments in high-end buildings, fostering a blend of long-term residents and transient guests. This approach not only optimizes the use of space but also enriches the community dynamics.

For those who value flexibility in their work location, Barsala offers remote job opportunities. This initiative supports our vision of living freely, untethered by traditional office environments. We invite professionals who thrive in dynamic, forward-thinking settings to join our team.

Barsala continues to innovate and expand, inviting more travelers to discover a new way of living and working. Whether you have experienced Barsala before or are considering it for the first time, we look forward to making your acquaintance and including you in our ongoing story of transformation and growth.