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About Bereev

Bereev stands as APAC’s pioneering death preparation app. This innovative platform assists users in crafting a comprehensive death plan. Such plans are crucial for guiding and comforting loved ones during challenging times. Bereev’s commitment extends beyond mere planning; the company actively promotes death positivity. Through initiatives like the #DeathConvoGame, which gained attention on CNET, Bereev challenges societal norms around death discussions.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the global workforce, Bereev offers remote job opportunities. This approach allows professionals from various geographical locations to contribute to Bereev’s mission. Remote work at Bereev is not just about flexibility; it also taps into diverse talent pools, fostering a richer, more creative workplace. Employees enjoy the freedom to work from their preferred environments, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

At Bereev, every campaign and service is crafted with precision and care. The company’s vision is clear: to transform how society deals with the inevitability of death. By providing essential tools and fostering open conversations, Bereev aims to alleviate the burden on those grieving. The impact of their work is profound, making a difficult process a little easier for everyone involved.

For those interested in contributing to this meaningful cause, Bereev’s career page lists current openings. Positions vary, but all share a common goal: to support and enhance the company’s core mission. Bereev values dedication, creativity, and a willingness to address often overlooked issues. Joining the Bereev team means becoming part of a movement that addresses life’s ultimate certainty with grace and innovation.