Biteable [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Biteable, established in Hobart, Australia in 2014 by Tommy Fotak, Simon Westlake, and James MacGregor, revolutionizes video production with simplicity and efficiency. This innovative company began with a vision to democratize video creation, making it accessible regardless of one’s budget or skill level. By 2015, with seed funding of $1.1 million AUD, Biteable expanded its reach, opening additional offices in Melbourne and Hobart, and enhancing its platform capabilities.

Following a successful second round of investment in 2018, which raised $2.8 million AUD, the company accelerated its development, simplifying the video creation process further and enabling the production of eye-catching content swiftly. Today, Biteable serves over 7 million users worldwide, helping them produce high-quality videos for both personal and professional purposes. The platform offers a vast library of animations and footage, along with professionally designed templates that streamline the video creation process.

Biteable’s commitment to growth is evident as it continuously seeks to expand its team across various departments including Management, Studio, Marketing, and Engineering. The company values creativity and passion in its employees, aiming to push the boundaries of video technology. Additionally, Biteable offers remote job opportunities, allowing professionals from diverse locations to contribute to their projects and foster a flexible work environment.

For those interested in joining a forward-thinking company that prioritizes innovation in video communication, Biteable presents a dynamic career opportunity. The firm not only supports your professional growth but also integrates you into a culture where every contribution is significant. Engage with Biteable to transform how the world communicates with video.