Bottomless [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Bottomless is pioneering a sensor-enabled marketplace, focusing initially on a smart coffee subscription service. This innovative approach marks the beginning of a broader vision to revolutionize the way consumers manage their repeat purchases. With a recent infusion of $4.5 million in Series A funding, the company is poised to scale its operations and enhance its offerings.

The ethos at Bottomless is characterized by a commitment to hard work, frugality, and continuous self-improvement. These principles are not just ideals but are actively practiced within every layer of the organization. From taking on any necessary task, no matter how small, to prioritizing customer support as a means to deeply understand market needs and product nuances, the company cultivates a culture where ambition and intelligence coexist harmoniously.

Moreover, Bottomless values trust and accountability, striving to build reliable relationships with both customers and team members. This trust is cultivated through consistent honesty and by delivering exceptional service one order at a time. As the company grows, so does its team, with a strong focus on personal and professional development to meet the expanding needs of the business.

Recognizing the changing dynamics of the workplace, Bottomless also offers remote job opportunities, allowing them to tap into a diverse global talent pool. This flexibility supports a work environment that aligns with the company’s core values while accommodating the varied needs of its employees.

With a customer base that has grown from 750 to 6,000 within a year, Bottomless demonstrates a clear trajectory of rapid growth and significant market impact. This Seattle-based startup is not just keeping coffee stocks fresh; it is redefining the landscape of subscription services and customer engagement.