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About Our Company

Bugfender was conceived by the skilled team at Mobile Jazz, who are seasoned developers themselves. This background has equipped us with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by developers during app creation. Recognizing the scarcity of effective tools for remote log gathering, we crafted Bugfender. Our solution excels in capturing app logs remotely, delivering critical information precisely when needed.

Our commitment extends beyond simple tool provision. Bugfender is engineered to elevate the development process, integrating seamlessly with your existing workflows. We offer a variety of options and features aimed at optimizing your experience. Developers around the globe rely on our tool to streamline their debugging and app monitoring tasks.

Furthermore, Bugfender supports a flexible work environment by offering remote job opportunities. This approach not only attracts top talent from various locations but also fosters a diverse and innovative workforce. We believe that great products are a result of great minds working in unison, irrespective of their physical location.

We invite you to try Bugfender and see how it transforms your development work. Our team continues to innovate, always pushing the boundaries of what our tools can achieve in the dynamic field of mobile app development. Join us in this journey to make app development smoother and more efficient.

Your feedback is invaluable as it drives our improvements and innovations. Together, let’s build better apps and tackle the challenges of mobile development with cutting-edge solutions like Bugfender.