Canny [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Founded in 2017, Canny is a profitable early-stage startup dedicated to enhancing software products through effective user feedback integration. With a compact team of ten professionals, we have successfully attracted over 1,000 customers, including prominent industry leaders like ClickUp, CircleCI, and Compass. Our approach is grounded in our origins at Facebook, where our core team developed a keen expertise in product development.

At Canny, we prioritize user experience and operational efficiency by helping software companies identify critical features and necessary bug fixes. This commitment has positioned us as a pivotal player in improving daily interactions for billions of software users worldwide. Our operations are entirely remote, offering flexibility and attracting top talent regardless of geographical boundaries.

Our business model is unique as we have not sought external funding, allowing us greater control and the ability to make decisions that best serve our customers and team. Each team member brings a high level of skill in their respective fields, contributing to our collective goal of delivering superior product experiences.

We are passionate about transforming the way companies receive and utilize customer feedback. By focusing on this mission, we aim to eliminate the common frustrations associated with user feedback in the software industry. For more insights into our company culture and updates, we encourage visiting our blog and team page.

Join us on our journey to redefine product development through insightful user feedback and expert execution, all within a remote work model that supports and drives our innovative spirit.