Cecil [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

About Cecil

Cecil operates as a global platform dedicated to managing natural capital. Our software enables teams to consolidate carbon and natural capital assets efficiently. With a focus on ecosystem data, we assist in the management and investment of natural resources. By 2030, we aim to channel significant financial resources into climate and nature restoration efforts.

Our platform serves as a reliable source for data across various natural assets, ensuring trusted outcomes for participants in carbon and ecosystem service markets. We are committed to providing a robust data foundation that supports asset performance tracking and impactful communication with stakeholders.

Our mission revolves around facilitating the restoration of nature. By connecting project developers, investors, and landholders, we accelerate the development of carbon and natural capital markets. Recognizing the intrinsic value of biodiversity and the necessity to combat climate change is at our core.

We strive to deliver investable natural assets that unlock nature’s value and foster the growth of effective markets. Our approach is rooted in empowering those who work towards restoring nature, thereby enabling nature to have a restorative impact on us.

Core Values at Cecil

  • 🥕 Help the helpers: Empowering restoration efforts globally.
  • 👩‍🌾 Be like soil: Promoting diverse growth among our partners and communities.
  • 🤝 Support symbiosis: Advocating for open, transparent collaboration to bring about change.
  • 🏔 Change small, change big: Constantly seeking improvements in all aspects of our operations.

What Can You Expect from Cecil?

  • A diverse dream team: Our team spans continents but shares a common goal of empowering nature restoration teams.
  • Competitive salary & equity: Rewards are based on team success and individual contributions.
  • Flexible work hours and location: Team members can choose to work remotely or from our rotating headquarters in Sydney, depending on what suits them best.
  • Learning and development budget: Each team member selects their own professional development path.
  • WFH setup & equipment: We provide the necessary tools to facilitate top-notch work from anywhere.
  • Quarterly retreats: Regular retreats help us connect with nature and witness the benefits of regenerative practices.