Chaser [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Chaser is addressing a critical issue in the business sector. Many companies that extend credit terms find it challenging to have their invoices paid promptly. In the UK, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face £225bn in outstanding invoices. Our founder, leveraging his expertise as a qualified accountant and finance director, envisioned a more effective method for managing credit control to mitigate this issue. By enhancing this process, Chaser aids SMEs in avoiding business collapse and accelerates their financial growth.

Our team is at the forefront of developing a leading SaaS platform that utilizes insights driven by big data, along with automation and artificial intelligence. This innovation is revolutionizing a traditionally stagnant process. As a result, companies can make more informed decisions regarding credit allocations, optimize their debt recovery strategies, and significantly reduce time spent on these tasks.

Since its inception, Chaser has significantly impacted financial management. We have achieved an average reduction of 16 debtor days, which translates to a $22k increase in cash flow for every $500k of payment terms turnover. This additional capital enables businesses to expand and create new employment opportunities.

Recognition for our innovative solutions includes being named one of Britain’s Future 50 most disruptive new businesses and receiving the Friend To Business award. Further accolades include the Xero App Partner of the Year in 2016 and the AccountingWEB Software Excellence Cloud App of the Year for three consecutive years. Competing against notable companies like Stripe, iZettle, and GoCardless highlights our significant industry impact.

Supported by leading venture capital and angel investors, Chaser is experiencing rapid growth. This expansion offers excellent opportunities for those interested in making a significant impact and advancing their careers. Importantly, we offer remote job positions, allowing team members to work flexibly from various locations, aligning with modern employment preferences and promoting work-life balance.

Joining Chaser now is an opportune moment to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to transforming financial processes and enhancing business stability and growth through innovative technological solutions.