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About CodeCombat

CodeCombat revolutionizes the approach to learning programming by integrating game-like experiences. This innovative platform transforms the traditional educational model by allowing students to engage in epic battles and solve puzzles while learning to code. With a focus on languages such as Python and JavaScript, the learning process is direct, interactive, and happens entirely within your web browser.

Our mission extends beyond simple coding lessons. We aim to equip a diverse range of students with the skills necessary for a future in technology. By breaking down barriers related to race, gender, and socioeconomic background, we make computer science accessible to all K12 students. This inclusivity fosters a broader, more diverse generation of tech pioneers.

Teachers find our platform especially appealing. Even those without a prior background in computer science can begin teaching in just five minutes. CodeCombat’s user-friendly interface and supportive resources significantly reduce the initial hurdles of introducing programming in the classroom.

Moreover, CodeCombat is proud to offer remote job opportunities. This flexibility allows our team members to work from various global locations, enhancing our ability to attract top talent. Remote roles at CodeCombat include curriculum development, software engineering, and customer support, among others.

Are you interested in preparing your students to become fluent in the language of technology? Consider integrating CodeCombat into your educational tools. Together, we can transform how programming is taught and ensure every student has the chance to become a confident, capable coder.

Contact us today to discuss how CodeCombat can make a difference in your school’s approach to computer science education.