DNSFilter [Remote Jobs]

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About DNSFilter

DNSFilter, a leader in AI-powered DNS protection and content filtering, was established to address the inefficiencies of traditional DNS security solutions. Founders of the company, recognizing the cumbersome and costly nature of existing products, embarked on a mission in 2015 to transform DNS security. From its modest inception, DNSFilter has experienced significant growth. Today, the company supports nearly 14,000 organizations, including high-profile clients like NVIDIA, and caters to millions of users worldwide.

Our infrastructure boasts two anycast networks, encompassing over 300 servers across 53 datacenters. Remarkably, at the beginning of 2020, our software handled 1 billion queries per day. This figure skyrocketed to 12 billion by the following year. Amidst the global pandemic, DNSFilter not only sustained but also expanded significantly. We doubled our team’s size, with plans to continue this expansion through 2021.

One of the key aspects of DNSFilter is our commitment to remote work opportunities. This approach allows us to attract top talent from around the globe, regardless of their geographical location. By offering remote jobs, we maintain a diverse and dynamic workforce, which is crucial for fostering innovative solutions and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Our dedication to providing a secure and efficient online experience drives every decision at DNSFilter. As we continue to scale and adapt to new challenges, our focus remains on delivering superior DNS security solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

In conclusion, DNSFilter is not just a company; it’s a revolutionary force in DNS security. With a robust infrastructure, a commitment to remote work, and a proven track record of rapid growth, we are well-positioned to continue leading the industry and protecting digital spaces for businesses around the world.