DockYard [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

DockYard stands as a beacon in the digital product agency landscape, specializing in custom software, mobile, and web application development consulting. With a client roster that includes heavyweights like Netflix, Apple, and Nasdaq, our expertise is not just proven but sought after. We excel in transforming complex ideas into operational applications, employing technologies such as Ember.js, React.js, Elixir, and Ruby.

Our approach integrates strategy, user experience, design, and full stack engineering. This methodology not only accelerates the deployment of sophisticated apps but also ensures their stability, maintainability, and scalability. At DockYard, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, often pioneering new methods and heavily investing in the open-source community.

Moreover, DockYard is committed to supporting the professional growth of our team and the success of our clients’ projects through services like testing, QA, project management, and training. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we also provide staff augmentation and support. Importantly, DockYard offers remote job opportunities, allowing our consultants to work flexibly across the United States, aligning with modern work trends and lifestyle choices.

Our firm’s deep knowledge in modern application UX, design, and architecture sets us apart. By maintaining a team that is not only experienced but also continually educated on the latest technological advancements, DockYard remains a trusted partner for leading-edge companies and innovative startups alike.