Evervault [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Evervault stands at the forefront of internet security, with a clear mission to encrypt the web. This initiative is crucial as data breaches become more frequent, affecting nearly 80% of companies in recent times. Our approach focuses on transforming plaintext data into encrypted formats, making it significantly harder for unauthorized access to occur.

Choosing Evervault means opting for a company that values deliberate growth and looks beyond mere roles to hire individuals based on their potential and attitude. We are committed to solving significant internet issues, such as data privacy, which is often overlooked or inadequately addressed by simple cookie pop-ups.

Our company offers a unique position between the risks of a small startup and the stability of a large corporation. This “Goldilocks opportunity” allows employees to enjoy the benefits of both worlds: substantial ownership and a chance to work with deeply invested customers and a passionate team.

At Evervault, life revolves around collaboration and innovation. We are on a quest to hire hundreds of new team members who are eager to contribute to our mission. We encourage open discussions about career opportunities, ensuring that every candidate finds their perfect fit within our diverse and dynamic team.

Our team members hail from various backgrounds, including major tech companies and unique personal ventures. They bring a wealth of experience and creativity to the table, which is evident in their work and the culture they help foster at Evervault.

While Evervault’s headquarters is in Dublin, we embrace flexibility in our working arrangements. Remote work is supported, allowing team members to choose their preferred work environment. This flexibility ensures that our staff can maintain productivity and work-life balance, whether they are in the office or working from home.

The Dublin office is designed to cater to different needs and moods, featuring specialized areas like a quiet library for focused work and a lively coffee shop setting for more casual interactions. This well-thought-out space supports our belief in the magic of in-person interactions while accommodating the evolving preference for remote work.