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Employer Description

Fanatical Labs, originally known as SugarOutfitters, thrives on innovation and the development of high-tech solutions that transform standard platforms into thriving communities. Our expertise lies in crafting tools that enhance business operations and foster community engagement.

Our flagship product, Glances, is a no-code integration tool that consolidates various SaaS applications into one accessible location. This tool efficiently presents relevant data based on user focus, thereby reducing the need for excessive tab navigation and data searching.

Another significant offering, Fanatically Zen, optimizes the functionality of support and sales teams. By integrating Zendesk with SugarCRM, we provide seamless access to essential records, ensuring teams remain informed regardless of their system of choice.

SugarChimp represents a strategic advancement in marketing technology. This tool synchronizes mailing lists bidirectionally, allowing segmentation and grouping that aligns with CRM insights. Consequently, marketing efforts become more targeted and effective.

Our commitment extends beyond product development to include the creation of vibrant software ecosystems. Over the past five years, we have honed our skills in building marketplaces that serve as bustling hubs for both buyers and sellers. This experience underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional products that meet the dynamic needs of businesses.

Moreover, Fanatical Labs is proud to offer remote job opportunities, enabling professionals from diverse locations to contribute to our projects. This flexibility not only enhances our team’s productivity but also attracts top talent from across the globe.

By choosing Fanatical Labs, businesses empower themselves with cutting-edge tools and solutions that drive efficiency and community engagement. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that we continue to lead in the creation of innovative, effective business solutions.