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About FinTron Invest

FinTron Invest, a dynamic FinTech startup, has rapidly expanded since its inception. As an SEC-registered and FINRA member broker-dealer, the company boasts over 12,000 clients and has secured nearly $10M in funding. With a clear focus on democratizing financial services, FinTron aims to simplify investing, banking, and personal financial management for young consumers. The firm believes that financial markets should be accessible to everyone, not just the privileged few.

Through its innovative direct-to-consumer FinTech app, an educational technology platform, and B2B embedded technology solutions, FinTron is reshaping how young people interact with financial services. This agile, technology-driven company is dedicated to educating and serving Generation Y and Z, breaking down barriers that have traditionally made financial management seem out of reach for many.

The founders of FinTron have taken a hands-on approach to promote financial literacy, personally teaching thousands of high school and college students. By traveling from school to school, they leverage FinTronU—our classroom-based, simulated trading and financial literacy software—to empower a new generation. In a commitment to societal betterment, FinTron pledges 5% of its net profits to enhance financial education for current and future generations.

One of the most appealing aspects of working at FinTron Invest is the opportunity for remote employment. This flexibility allows professionals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to our mission from anywhere in the world. By offering remote roles, FinTron not only expands its talent pool but also supports work-life balance, making it a sought-after workplace for innovative thinkers eager to impact the financial technology landscape.

We invite you to explore career opportunities with us, where you can help shape the future of finance. Join FinTron Invest in our quest to equip young individuals with the tools they need to achieve financial independence and success.