Flockjay [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Flockjay operates with a clear mission: to democratize access to technology careers for individuals from non-traditional backgrounds. This commitment drives every aspect of our operations, from curriculum development to the personalized coaching we provide. By focusing on the most sought-after positions in tech, we prepare our students not just for any job, but for rewarding, well-paying careers.

Our approach is straightforward. We offer comprehensive training at no upfront cost. Compensation for our services comes only after our students secure employment, underscoring our commitment to their success. This model not only supports our students financially but also aligns our goals directly with theirs.

Remote job opportunities are a significant aspect of our offerings. Recognizing the growing demand for flexibility in the workplace, we ensure that our training equips students to excel in remote environments. This preparation opens doors to high-paying jobs at leading companies, which are increasingly supportive of remote roles.

The team at Flockjay is composed of passionate educators and seasoned professionals. With support from notable industry leaders and investors, including Y Combinator, our network is both powerful and supportive. As we continue to grow, we invite more individuals to join us in making a tangible impact on the tech industry.

Joining Flockjay means becoming part of a movement. Here, education is the key to unlocking economic opportunities for those who have been overlooked by traditional pathways. Every role at our company contributes to this overarching goal, ensuring that each team member can witness the direct impact of their work.

With a small yet expanding team, Flockjay offers a chance to contribute meaningfully while shaping the future of tech education. Our work is vital, challenging, and above all, rewarding. We are just beginning our journey and there’s much more to achieve.