Flowhub [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Flowhub stands as a beacon in the cannabis industry, offering remote job opportunities to talented individuals worldwide. This remote-first approach allows us to tap into a global talent pool, ensuring diversity and innovation at every level of our operations. Founded in 2015, Flowhub has quickly become a leader in cannabis retail management technology.

Our technology solutions are crafted to address the specific needs of the legal cannabis market. We help dispensaries adhere to strict compliance regulations, streamline their operations, and enhance community service. Flowhub’s suite of tools includes point of sale systems, inventory management, and business intelligence—all designed to handle over $3 billion in annual cannabis sales.

The team at Flowhub, known as the FlowSquad, is driven by a shared passion for cannabis and a commitment to excellence. Members hail from various sectors including eCommerce, SaaS, retail, payments, healthcare, and finance, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. This diversity fuels our innovative approach to cannabis retail solutions.

Flowhub is not just a technology provider; we are pioneers in the industry. We were the first to integrate with Metrc API, setting a standard for compliance that is trusted by over 1,000 dispensaries. Our mission extends beyond business success—we aim to make legal cannabis accessible to every adult on Earth.

Backed by notable investors like Poseidon, Evolv Ventures, and others, Flowhub continues to grow and lead in the cannabis sector. For those passionate about making a significant impact in a rapidly expanding industry, Flowhub offers a dynamic and supportive environment. Join us to be part of a future where safe cannabis products are accessible to all.