Fly [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Fly, established in 2017, operates as a dynamic platform where full stack applications and databases are deployed close to users for optimal performance. With a foundational office in Chicago, Fly embraces a predominantly remote workforce, recognizing that talent thrives globally. This approach allows us to engage experts from various locations, enhancing our operational flexibility and team diversity.

Our hiring philosophy deviates from conventional methods. Skeptical of resumes and traditional interviews, we prioritize genuine interactions and practical assessments. Fly’s unique hiring involves presenting candidates with real tasks reflective of the work at Fly. These “work-sample challenges” are central to our selection process, providing a transparent and practical evaluation of skills, particularly in Go and network programming.

Remote job opportunities at Fly cater to individuals seeking flexibility and the comfort of working from their preferred environment. This model not only supports work-life balance but also attracts a wider range of expertise. Regular virtual meet-ups and occasional in-person gatherings foster a sense of community and connectedness among our dispersed team members.

For those interested in joining Fly, we offer a chance to dive into network programming and other domain-specific areas, with ample support for professional growth. Our approach ensures that every team member is well-equipped to contribute effectively, regardless of their geographical location.

In summary, Fly is not just about maintaining proximity to users through technology but also about bridging distances between talented individuals worldwide. We are committed to building a resilient, innovative, and inclusive workforce that aligns with our forward-thinking mission.