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About FullStory

Founded in Atlanta by a team of former Google employees, FullStory began its operations in 2014. The company’s mission revolves around enhancing digital user experiences. FullStory provides advanced analytics, on-the-fly conversion funnels, and sophisticated search capabilities. Additionally, they offer video-like replays of real user sessions and powerful debugging tools for developers. Integration with top SaaS products is a key feature, facilitating seamless operations for clients.

FullStory is committed to improving product usability. Their services help businesses understand user interactions deeply, leading to better decision-making and optimized user experiences. This approach has positioned FullStory as a leader in its field, trusted by numerous enterprises globally.

One of the most appealing aspects of FullStory’s operation is its flexibility regarding work arrangements. The company offers remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work from various locations worldwide. This flexibility helps attract top talent who seek work-life balance while pursuing their careers.

Remote positions at FullStory cover a range of roles, from technical support to software engineering and data analysis. This inclusivity and adaptability make FullStory an attractive workplace for professionals in the tech industry. By offering remote jobs, FullStory not only expands its talent pool but also supports diverse working styles and personal needs.

In summary, FullStory stands out as a pioneer in digital experience analytics, committed to both technological innovation and employee satisfaction. Their remote work options exemplify the company’s modern approach to employment, making it a desirable place for forward-thinking professionals.