Hint [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Hint is a pioneering digital subscription service that has been revolutionizing the way people engage with astrology since its inception. With a focus on hyper-personalized insights, Hint aims to foster a better lifestyle for its users by leveraging modern astrology techniques. Established over four years ago, the company has embraced a fully remote work model from its very first day, allowing team members to contribute from anywhere in the world.

Our core values are deeply embedded in every aspect of our operations. We prioritize kindness, treating each other with the respect and consideration we each deserve. Ownership is another critical principle; we encourage our team to think independently and take initiative in their roles. Being customer-focused is not just a statement—it’s the driving force behind our every decision. We are committed to continuous growth, both personally and professionally, and maintain transparency through open communication and actionable feedback. Innovation is at the forefront of our approach, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking to generate novel ideas.

Hint’s hiring process is streamlined yet thorough, designed to attract top talent globally. Candidates begin with a 30-minute prescreening call with our HR team. This is followed by a skills assessment, involving a one-hour discussion with the hiring manager. The final stage of the process includes an interview with a senior leadership team member, where candidates are encouraged to ask any questions they have. Successful applicants receive an offer to join our dynamic team.

By offering remote positions, Hint not only taps into a global talent pool but also promotes a flexible work environment that supports work-life balance. This approach has proven effective in attracting and retaining exceptional staff who are passionate about what they do and committed to our mission. If you are looking for a career that allows you to work from anywhere while making a significant impact, consider joining Hint.