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Employer Description

Illion stands as a premier consumer and commercial credit bureau in Australasia, integrating data, software, analytics, and risk management solutions to bolster the financial ecosystem. Our expertise in credit risk management is supported by secure data storage and analysis for millions of individuals and commercial entities. Specializing in credit risk assessment, our offerings extend across the entire credit lifecycle, including lead generation, decisioning software, payment technologies, and tender management.

With a workforce nearing 500, our mission is to equip clients with intelligent decision-making tools, backed by data that has undergone rigorous examination and testing. As part of the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network, we merge local insights with global data from over 500 million businesses, enhancing our service reach and reliability. Our enduring client relationships attest to the consistent reliability and dependability of our services.

Client feedback is pivotal, shaping our understanding of their needs and allowing us to deliver superior products and services with unwavering integrity. We are prepared to meet diverse credit lifecycle requirements with solutions that are effectively organized and developed to meet specific organizational needs.

Our purpose is clear: to provide powerful insights that prepare organizations to face future challenges with confidence. Illion’s proven experience in specialized bureau onboarding programs highlights our awareness of potential risks and our capability to address and mitigate them efficiently. Our coverage ensures exceptional depth, availability, and uptime, surpassing client expectations and facilitating smooth daily operations.

Moreover, Illion offers flexibility in partnership, enabling clients to benefit from our transformation expertise and integration into existing platforms. We adhere strictly to the latest standards in information security and privacy, ensuring a robust approach to cybersecurity without compromise. Our commitment to client-centric service permeates our entire organization, from the leadership team down.

Global data access is seamless through our network, with updates on over 400 million company records worldwide. As thought leaders, we continuously invest in product innovation and serve as strategic advisors on technological strategies that support the data-driven revolution in financial services within Australia. Additionally, Illion promotes remote job opportunities, allowing professionals to engage with our dynamic team from various locations, fostering a flexible and inclusive work environment.