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Founded in 2017 by CEO James Hadley, Immersive Labs emerged from a vision to transform cybersecurity training. Traditional methods were too static to address evolving threats effectively. Hadley, leveraging his experience from GCHQ’s cyber school, introduced a dynamic, interactive platform. This innovation enables continuous skill enhancement for cybersecurity professionals.

Immersive Labs excels in real-time measurement of cyber capabilities within various organizational roles. Our platform integrates assessments for technical staff like developers and engineers, as well as for executive teams. This comprehensive approach ensures Cyber Workforce Resilience, a concept we pioneered to keep pace with global cyber threats.

With a workforce of over 300 skilled professionals spread across strategic locations in the UK, US, and EMEA, our company maintains major hubs in Bristol and Boston. Financial backing totaling $189 million from prominent investors such as Insight Partners and Goldman Sachs underscores our market impact. Our client roster boasts major enterprises like Pfizer and HSBC, reflecting our platform’s wide-reaching influence.

Remote job opportunities at Immersive Labs highlight our commitment to a flexible, inclusive work environment. This approach attracts top talent from various regions, enhancing our diverse team dynamics. Daily, our labs facilitate around 5,000 sessions, demonstrating the relentless pursuit of cyber excellence by our global user base.

Our mission extends beyond immediate business goals to fundamentally reshape how organizations empower their cyber workforce. By fostering an environment of continuous learning and adaptation, Immersive Labs remains at the forefront of cybersecurity training solutions.