Inuka [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Inuka is a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to promoting mental health and resilience, particularly in the challenging times following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our services are structured around a scientifically validated online wellbeing scan that takes just five minutes to complete. This tool effectively categorizes individuals into three risk levels: resilient, at risk, or in the danger zone.

Once assessed, clients are paired with a personal coach who is certified in the InukaMethod. These coaching sessions are conducted through a secure chat application, ensuring confidentiality and ease of access. Coaches are proficient in multiple languages including English, French, Dutch, Romanian, Kiswahili, Hindi, and Shona, making our services accessible to a diverse clientele.

Our program is uniquely designed to guide those identified as ‘at risk’ back to resilience. The effectiveness of our approach is measured through assessments conducted before and after the coaching sessions. Positive changes are typically observed after 6 to 8 sessions. For detailed insights into our methods and success stories, potential clients and partners are encouraged to visit our website at

At Inuka, which means ‘arise’ in Kiswahili, we are driven by a mission to make mental health coaching affordable and accessible to all. We operate on a dual model: offering services to companies in Europe on a for-profit basis, and providing individual coaching sessions in Kenya and Zimbabwe on a not-for-profit basis. This approach allows us to reach a wide range of individuals and organizations, helping them to prevent burnout and enhance overall wellbeing.

Furthermore, Inuka is committed to expanding its reach and impact. We actively seek collaboration with like-minded entities and individuals who are passionate about improving mental health globally. Additionally, we are proud to offer remote job opportunities, enabling professionals from various regions to contribute to our cause. This flexibility not only supports our team members’ work-life balance but also enriches our organization with a variety of perspectives and expertise.

For those interested in partnering with us or joining our team, please feel free to connect. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many by fostering mental resilience and wellbeing.